Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Long Absence: I am BACK

Project fatigue. It sets in on long unfinanced documentary projects. But still, I make progress. Even in my fatigue the project continues to work itself, because Dante is such an icon to a niche group of people. I have been working with Barron Sheppard down in Mississippi from BadAss FightWear. He bought some footage I am using from the Creedens in Fall River. The stills above are from that footage. Overall there is more footage of Aguiar on the tape that Dante, but that too will come in handy.

I am still working, still fundraising, seeking and finding subjects. New stories arise, I still have footage I have not cut. There have been fights over the footage in other people's hands. There are claims of million yen offers for mystery footage of Dante fighting an unnamed Japanese master.

I have read a letter from Robert Trias mourning the death of Count Dante and praising the good in him. I have a empty box of Count Dante's cigarettes, he had his own brand to give away when he was doiing hair. The guy clearly had marketing savvy. I am back now, so look for more posts the next few weeks. Getting back into the habit.