Thursday, May 11, 2006

Paramount Pictures and Jack Black Bites off the San Francisco Count Dante

Well there we have it. The guy who ripped off the Dante persona has been ripped off by Paramount for his persona, or so it seems. In Nacho Libre Jack Black portrays a lucha libre wrestler. He copies the cape, wild hair and mustache of the San Francisco Count, probably knowing the beard would be a dead giveaway. Is turnabout fair play after all? Is nothing sacred?

Intellectual property theft? I see some similarites here. Will San Francisco Count Dante file suit against Paramount and challenge Jack Black to a deathmatch. SF Count used to wrestle in the Incredibly Strange Wrestling League(ISW). My money would be on his chubby derriere over the Hollywierd fat ass any day. SF Count did get whooped a lot by the Poontangler though. I saw if on the ISW site. She looked like she could take them both on.

Still it is interesting how far a comic book ad can travel, over distance and time. John Keehan has managed to establish an immortality that transcends the martial arts and touch all kinds of pop culture iconography directly and indirectly.

Now SF Count feels like he is missing some change after profiting from and altering and defaming the indefamible(yeah I know this ain't a real word...but I am on a roll) character of Chicago Count Dante.

This would be downright funny if it was not so sad.

Internet Research Assistants

I have had a lot of stuff come to me from people who read about the project on the internet. It is amazing what I have been getting. I finally got to look at some of the film footage of Count Dante with William Aguiar.

Now I know what Bill Aguiar III has in his possession and what I have to bargain for. The video footage is not good, very washed out. The transfer really sucks. There is little value if the 8mm film no longer exists. I hope it is still around....I also got a short clip from the 1964 Tournament that I was at. I do mean short, about 36 frames. The magic of new media will definitely come into play here.

My internet research assistants are coming to me from all over the world. I am very greatful to them for their assistance. I will name them in the film with their permission.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Still on the path...slightly distracted..

While waiting on the release of a major article in a big time Chicago paper about Dante yet another mysterious character has reared his ghostly head as a result of my research. He is a ghost from my personal political past, Chairman Bob Avakian, my favorite Armenian-American revolutionary. But Bob is not dead, he is, like the truth, out there somewhere. In case you do not know who he is, think Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP). Oh yeah! I guess my visibility as an intelligence risk just went up 250%. LOL

Bob lived up the street from me. He took over the house from a few others I knew and worked with as part of my political activity when I was in high school. Bob was almost as shadowy a figure to me as John Keehan. The house he lived in stopped being the welcoming folksy atmosphere it was before he came to town. Things changed upon his arrival. The organization was called Revolutionary Union (RU) before I knew Bob. I worked on The People's Voice newspaper at the same time I worked on Gideon's Babble, my high school underground paper.

Bob was always intense but funny. I remember him yelling at me from a passing car more than once. He was fun to talk with and fun to party with, which I think I did once, when he first moved to Maywood. Our contact tended to be sporadic. I was never a member, I guess I could be called a "fellow traveler" if someone was hard pressed to prosecute me for my associations.

I got involved with RU because it was a sign of the times. My mom was in UAW at a factory called Standard Screw Company. Yes, that was the real name. I also worked there and became a member of the Union. They were being true to the name of the company. I believed then as well as now, resistance is not futile and that it is part of our duty and obligation as patriotic American citizens to effect change and course correction when our leadership goes astray, afoul of the Constitution, or get just plain flat out corrupt. When we stop doing that, we turn into a very large banana republic.

I like to think I was developing a better worldview through my exposure to all of these different organizations. During my teen years it was almost essential for a thinking person to be involved in something. I was also part of 4H at some point; I was a Boy Scout; Explorer Scout was even in some kind of weird social organization in Maywood that I am still trying to decipher, it was that bad.

I was an Explorer Scout one year, and then a member of some underground cell of ineffectual intellectuals not associated with any of these high profile groups the next. Ain't that America?

We studied and debated a lot. I appreciated all this a lot more when I started traveling. I had a preparatory intellectual experience, a place of analysis in my head so I would not freak out at some of the things I would see and experience when I was in foreign climes, in different cultures. I had enough social and political history of these places to prepare me for the social contradictions I would encounter. So I did not freak out and demand ice where there was none. Cryptic? I guess. Surprisingly it was the only thing I ever joined. I ain't naming don't ask. The world was my oyster and Malcolm had already told me travel would "broaden my scope."

In my mind they all of these experiences were related to navigating life and reality. 4H, Young Entrepreneurs, Boy Scouts, Explorers, martial arts training, team sports, all part of growing up. Are you wanting to ask me what I think and feel now??? Go ahead.... I might even answer.

I still like ole Chairman Bob. Reading his autobiography I saw a picture of the house he lived in, my mom still lives around there, same street. I got a feeling I will see him again one day. I did not and still do not disagree with Bob; he is anti-racist, anti-poverty, and anti-economic domination by a few at the expense of the many. So how is he that different from the founding fathers? Patriotism is not about kissing ass and Bob is a real patriot. Patriotism is about making where you live a better place dealing with the social contradictions and reconciling the idea of what it means to be a revolutionary country. That is what we were once upon a time. America was about hope even with all of its incredible contradictions so visible like festering sores. Bob is the patriot no one invites to dinner. I appreciate him aside from whatever flaws he has I might feel irked about. And it has nothing to do with him being short.

Where did I get the time? There was also flute playing, hanging out at the North Park Hotel on Sundays to see Yuseef Lateef or Roland Kirk, working for Sears, going to the Japanese Cinema Series at Francis Parker Auditorium, hitch-hiking, working out, late late nights at the Brown Shoe on Wells Street, and women, women, women(I was young, remember that)...and then I left the country. During this period I had lost contact with Dante. I think I saw him a few times in 1969 on the street downtown, up north or something. I was deep into my own life. In 1970 when the dojo war was in the news he dropped off the circuit, understandably.

How does a person got from trying to be on a path to West Point in Fort Benning, Ga in one year and then working out with young members of the ANC in Dar Es Salaam on the beach in 5 years? Now a lot of people have accused me of working for "duh man," the FBI/CIA/NSA. And they say it with enough authority to make ME believe it. I guess the idea of a Black bohemian vagabond of dubious and unpin able ideology from Mississippi is just not possible in the minds of some. I cannot dare to be free and live as a freethinking person without the aid of Government institutions. It all the fault of them damn liberals I guess.

Looking back, it is pretty amazing. I have never put a chronology to my life until I started working on this project. It just goes to show how our whole being comes into play during the creative process.

I need to show my appreciation. The internet has been a great boon to my research I am forever grateful to the people who are sending me articles that are hard to get, information, and phone numbers. I have made a special credit category for the film, Internet Research Associates. They deserve it for making my job easier and making the film better by increasing the data pool.