Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The new Count Dante iPhone app is  available in the iTunes store:

For .99 you get 10 self-defense lesson and a histor of Count Dante and his contribution to Mixed Martial Arts.

Not bad for for less than a buck in the midst of a recession.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jiu Jitsu adverts in Chicago in 1904

This advert is from the Chicago Tribune classified section, 1904, 35 years before Count Dante was born in 1939 and 64 years before his World's Deadliest Fighting Secrets was published Asian martial arts were already being touted as a self defense secret weapon.

By the time John Timothy Keehan is born in Chicago in 1939, jiu jitsu is almost a common word, used in contemporary speech and denoted awesome powers to disarm, wrap-up and break.

Getting Ready for the Rap Up!

Been months since my last post. Secret investigations require secrecy. With all the crap I got I decided to tone it down with the blogging. I felt like I was accomplishing little, and I could be better served with silence.

Yet there is value in a shared experience. I have had some crazy stuff happen and I have befriended some awesome people. Enough said about that.

Some of my work lately has been on early martial arts history in Chicago.

I will talk about that here in future. There was someone offering jiu jitsu lessons on 36th and State Street in 1908. That's of some interest to me.

Chicago has been a martial art city for a century. But what does that mean? This is one of the questions raised for me as I complete this documentary.

To talk about John Keehan/Count Dante outside the context of a complex social history and it's cross cultural relationships just seems a bit lazy.

I can still make it fun and respectful to the living witnesses and family members who have survived some of the seedier and horrible sides of the story.

So consider me back. Lots of surprising things have occurred. Old rivalries have softened, maybe even to the point of cooperation. We will see. I am open to anything that allows for the most accurate telling of this tale.