Thursday, July 26, 2007

Looking at contemporary marital artists

When I do my online research I spend a little time looking at new martial artists. I am especially watching and enjoying the work of Sifu Rudy Curry and BlackTaoist on YouTube. Their perspective on the combat applications of Bagua Zhang are fresh and humourous. These guys operate from a New York street perspective, but their classicism is very evident. I will be interviewing Rudy Curry. He actually bought the book, World's Deadliest Fighting Secrets, when he was a child. I think it is going to be a section of the film where I do a survey of people who bought the book.

What really attracted me to their videos is the casual way in which they talk about Bagua, they practice in street clothes in parks, on basketball courts and in apartments. Their practice is in the enviroments they inhabit, there is no dojo, it appears. Street Level Bagua, I guess you would say.

They practice Bagua for self defense. Sifu Curry makes it clear, "I have never been much of a sportsman..." While he is not up for challenges of street fighting anymore, at age 47, I would not make the mistake of challenging him. Just in case you got doubts about his skills, he makes it clear he is available. If you have never understood the true power of the internal arts, you need to watch his videos on YouTube.

Sifu Dodaro Joe here in Chicago, is also making use of the internal in his work. He uses the Dante methods in his teaching of law enforcement officials. I will have him in the film showing us some of that application. Woody Edgell, a direct student of Dante, was a teacher of his. Edgell practices the internal arts now as well. I wonder if this is what Dante would be doing today.

Sifu Curry, is definitely a master of Bagua. See his latest addition to his online instruction here:

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Where's My Website...

Test bested. The site is back up and I am working on my new interviews. I am still getting these harassing emails but hey, walk in the forest bugs are going to annoy you. They are still God's creatures.

Now on to more serious stuff. I got interviews to arrange. Hopefully a few surprises will be forthcoming interview wise.

My initial assertion of Fair Use has been tested after being thrown off YouTube and having my site shut down. You would think they would see this as an opportunity. They do, as an opportunity to get rich. If you want be rich, if that is your sole purpose, then you work hard at what you do and build a solidly based infrastructure, do creative marketing and deliver superior services.

They need to talk to Sifi Dodaro about how that is done, not that I am saying he is rich. But he is very sucessful with his school and is really a true tribute to the kind of business acumen that Dante possessed. Two sides of John Keehan/Count Dante are at work here. Chicago had more John Keehan then we had of Count Dante, Fall Rive had all of the Count Dante Side. The sad man who got his best friend killed in an unwise act of bravado.

There are no heros in this story but the ones who continue the organization and entrepeneurial legacy of John Keehan/Count Dante. Preston Baker, Jimmy Jones, Tolo-Naa, Woody Edgell and Sifu Dodaro. These people and other students of Keehan have developed whole human beings with the martial arts as a principled foundation.

And in some cases they have not. But what do we do? Accentuate the positive. This negative stuff will wear a brother down.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007 suspended??? we will see.

All I want to do is make the best film I can make. Complete a work of art based upon and around the life of one John Timothy Keehan, aka Count Juan Raphael Dante. Financing and production is hard enough, research is incredibility difficult for a story spanning this much time. But thern, there are the little annoying side issues to experience also.

This is how I have to start my mornings some days. I get email from associates of Bill Aguiar like this guy John Creeden III. And I quote:

Date: Jul 24, 2007 6:54 AM
To: Floyd Webb


From: <>
Date: Jul 24, 2007 10:18 PM
To: Floyd Webb <>
"floyd we do this with a push of the button . we have serious backing what do you have we have to play tag we'll play tag . but everytime we bring you down the stronger we get to taking your money. no threats just a little history lesson. hey we called you from franquers office afraid to talk. oh by the way gnat. were the one's brushing you off remember that. and get your dante story right wasn't mas tamara it was kuzyo mushashi that how far from keehan you really are dumb ass."

Now who said Masato Tamura taught John Keehan. Let's improve those reading comprehension skills folks. They story is bigger than the memories hoarded in a vaultroom in Fall River. This guy sends email like this every chance he gets. I love his unique good fellas writing style and am staggered by the intellect. I bet he is good with that "charging T" though.

So their intent to to take my money, tie me up in frivilous litigation and make it harder to do the film without them in it and in control of it. Not gonna happen.

Creeden is not part of the business entity"Black Dragon Fighting Society" that claims ownership over the life, legacy, name and legacy of Count Dante. He is, in feudal terms, a loyal vassal. Personally I would say toady. He keeps up the harassment, while Aguiar issues orders to his lawyer aimed at everyone and anyone who does not kiss their ring and pay them thousands of dollars. They love attention. Their sense of importance borders on the meglomanical. Borders??????? Nahhhhh, they crossed that line way way back.

I was buying some office supplies at Office Depot(endorsement endorsement alert) with my kid and he spotted a guy in this t-shirt shown here. They even stopped Giant Robot from doing another run of those great Giant Robot Fighting Society T-Shirts. Who better to have a Count Dante T-Shirt than giant fighting robots. Where is the sense of humor? Oh yeah, and did they get paid???? Only the grand master knows for sure.

Yesterday I received an email from a supporter telling me my site was down. I checked email further and I had received an email from my ISP telling they received a claim of copyright infringement from Bill Aguiar. Attached was the same 35 page pdf they gave been circulating complete with threats from "Joey Chicago" included. Now Joey Chicago is supposed to be one of my secret identities and I am also a ninja, to hear them tell it." What that has to do with the issue at hand, I do not know. This time they went to the people who host the servers for my ISP, their datacenter.

I was waiting for this. Now there is something to work with. The time for selling wolf tickets is over. The only end of this for everyone who will ever be interested in anything Dante is to get them to un-ass that power of attorney over John Keehan's Estate and Intellectual Property in a court of law. This will be a further proof of the already tested Fair Use Act.

I asked their attorney, John Francoeur, to send me a letter concerning my infringements by mail on his stationary by registered mail so I could, in turn, pass this on to a lawyer. He never did. This is the third time I have requested this of him in the past year.

I tried to talk directly to Bill Aguiar without a lawyer. He never replied. He has put a copy of my email appealing to him to leave the lawyers out of this on his website at He insisted on being paid for his interview and I was not going to do that.

It made no sense to require money from me for an interview. He did not know Count Dante, he was a child back then. He wanted to be paid for his interview and I was not doing that. These little efforts at "shutting me down" are juvenile attention attractors. Website or no, Youtube or not, the film is still being done.

Aquiar has also told people he expects to reap 50% of the films profits, just like Barbara Kemp, The Dragon Lady of Rush Street, wanted. What are they thinking? I have no idea. This is a question for attorneys to decide.

Anyways things are in motion for me. My YouTube trailers are going back up per my representation's efforts. New trailers will be coming. I have had some great stuff added to the blog this past month. Support is coming to the project in all forms from the strangest places.

So as I am fundraising, producing and strategizing, I have to get this legal thing driven to a head, put it all behind me and make the film I want to make, with whomever I want to have included in it. That is including the infamously and intensely hated Ashida Kim. He fights right into the film with a description like that. Hey, it's my film!

With all that great 8mm footage they have they can make their own film, end of problem.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Return of The Masters: Chicago

I met Bill Wallace last night with Preston Baker. He is in town for The Return of the Masters Tournament this weekend. Bakers school is in the basement of a nondescript industrial building on the far Southside of Chicago.

Former karate Champion Shihan Baker, is a community activist and a minister. He remains true to his core constituency, instilling discipline and encouragement to young black men and women, empowering them through martial arts.

He uses his classes as an opportunity to infleunce young minds in more than the physical. He really aims to build a whole person in his classes. He has educators come to the class to talk to talk about opportunities and educational programs available to them

Friday evening was a seminar that included his sensei, Jimmy Jones, and Bill Wallace was a special guest. Among the innumerable pictures on the walls was a small xeroxed image of John Keehan. His presence is there even if it is not mentioned.

This little school in the basement of a nondescript building on the Southside of Chicago is an example of what lineage is all about. It is here where we see the direct influence of the best of John Keehan/Count Dante.

What is a teacher if not an instructor of generations. The core values of martial arts are taught in this modest little basement school as they were taught to Keehan, then to Jones and on down to Baker. In this school is where life's learning begins for many of the children who enter.

Some of the children respond to any elder instructor with a loud "YES SENSEI" with a military precision. There is value in instilling a physiocal and mental discipline in children in urban environments at an early age.

Jimmy Jones, as part of his lecture demonstration, talked to the children about standing apart from the crowd, to become leaders and entrepreneurs.

Sat. Evening:
After the tournament at Truman College on Saturday I caught up with Bill Wallace at his hotel near Midway Airport. We did about a 20 minute interview. Very interesting comments from Wallace concerning Dante. We talked about Konsevic also. The death of Konsevic arises once again as the source of Dante's downfall. I will run a few excerpts of that interview this week.

Had a busy weekend. Shooting on Friday night, Wallace and a Jazz Institute promo on Saturday and then a friend from South Africa showed up to do a last minute spot with Angelique Kidjo in New York for a documentary TV series. I lent a little remote assistance to her on Sunday and Monday morning.

I am a bit tired. Gotta return lighting equipment and a shotgun mic I never want to use again to Fletcher Monday morning.

More later.....

Friday, July 20, 2007

Mas Tamura Follow Up

Writer Ismael Reed has said that every war is a war between churches. Churches are, if anything, institutions of belief. Many of our conflicts are often fueled by our belief systems. Americans pride themselves on their "values" with a missionary zeal.

That was what was at work on Feb 22nd, 1943, when the 143 lb American born Jiu Jitsu master Masato Tamura met the 204 lb wrestler Karl Pojello in an undisclosed location in Chicago under the watchful eye of the press, members of the military and Avery Brundage from the Olympic Committee. Pojello bragged he could beat any Jiu Jitsu expert in the world. He wanted to show Western superiority over Asian fighting skills. So he quickly got hold of someone 60 lbs lighter and a foot shorter than him, Masato Tamura. Read the news paper article for the good stuff.

Masato beat the bigger man in 1 minute and 20 seconds. I guess that is why Gene LeBell would ride a freight train boxcar from California to take lessons with this man. The country was at war. 800 people had been lost at sea due to German submarines several days before this match.
But Masato was American born and wanted to help. He was no member of the Japanese Black Dragon Society, an organization that was very active in Chicago and St. Louis at the time.

Karl Pojello, older, cocky and heavier was clearly out wrestled. Masato was forced to take further punishment even after his instant victory and Pojello was clearly trying to punish him for the idea of being defeated by a little "Jap."

The military learned a valuable lesson that day. Martial Arts like Judo were just not for sport, they were clearly skills that were combat ready. Films like Behind The Rising Sun might have been good for public morale, but the fight scene with a boxer defeating a Japanese martial artist was a bit too pat. It is easy to underestimate an enemy in media, but it sets a dangerous precedent to send young men to war not prepared for the realities of their opponents proven man to man fighting skills.

Masato Tamura, at a time when his country was sending his cousins and friends to camps on the West Coast and him being subjected to this kind of abuse was clearly a heroic figure as he used Pojello as the whipping boy to make it clear to the military that Japanese martial arts were a essential skill for members of the US forces.

So what's all this got to do with John Timothy Keehan? Well I figure he was about 4 years old and he heard about this as he grew up in the midst of the anti-Japaneses hysteria that lasted until the early 50s. Masato Tamura must have been legend after that 2 page spread in the Chicago Times.

Plus, I think this is a cool story to tell. People like Mas Tamura should never be forgotten.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Creative excercises: Dumping Ideas

I have been writing my narrative for the film. Working alone allows you some freedom you don't have with a large crew or staff. No one pressuring me declare a structure before I am ready. I have had the luxury of having a limitless journey of discovery in pursuing this documentary.

Before I write, I do an exercise where I just dump out everything I know on one piece of paper in about 3 minutes. Not an outline, not even really organized. Here is what I came up with in about 5 minutes, I went over. I let the film run in my head based on what I think I have. Imagined it from beginning to end for a minute and started writing. No way is it everything, no way is there any literal meaning to it, just dumping ideas. Somethings will have to go. Tying it all together is quite a task. Coherence, meaning, impact, chronology. Here I go.

1968 - Comic Ad - Histories and implications
1970 -Dojo War - The Versions
CAPSULE: Martial Arts History -Rise of the Chinese Secret Societies
Black Dragon-Green Dragons, Catholics and Muslims

Martial arts in Chicago
Chicago; Character of the City
narrative premises and ideas:
the world of children and the need for magic and power
the things that drive us to the martial arts
bullies and self defense, feeling of insecurity, need for discipline,
desire for fitness, desire for beauty, how it changes with
the acquisition of power, the maturity of spirit
the gaining or loss of ones way

1890s- earliest presence of Asian martial Arts
1917University of Chicago
1918 Northwestern
-Jiu Jitsu Institute 1938
-Mas Tamura - Mixed Martial Arts match 1943
- Japanese Internee Resettlement
- Gene LaBell hobos to see Tamura
Others from the early Days
- Bruce Tegner
-Don Draeger

The coming of Age of John Keehan:His Influences
1939-1957 Family life and School
Irish lad and the law, first arrests
-Johnny Coulon - Jack Johnson The Boxing Culture
-East 63rd Street
-1958 The Marine Experience
West Coast Exploration - San Francisco Chinatown
Contacts: James Yimm Lee
-T.Y. Wong
-Bruce Lee
-Ed Parker

- 1959 The Army - Arms to Raul Castro? Operation Water Buffalo

Close Friends: Tommy Gregory - Douglas Dwyer
Road Trips to Robert Trias
Gene Wyka
Charles Grusanki
The Indiana Crew - Fassbinder
1962 Madison Square Garden Tournament Loss to Gary Alexander
Toronto :Shimabaku
Chicago Defiance: South Side Dojo - Tolona - Jimmy Jones -
Race and the Martial Arts
1963 1st World's Tournament Parker - Rhee - Trias

Rise of The Keehan empire
Martial arts Instructor - Contact with "Tokyo Rose"
Rise of the USKA
1964 The Split- World Karate Association - Woody Edgell
1965 Dynamite caps on Gene Wykas School
15 Schools
The Hairdressing Business -The Women
1966 Rush Street Dojo
The Pet Lion
The Pornshops - Chicago Outfit Associations
Used Car lots
The name change

The Philosophy
Karate is For Sissies
Mixed martial Arts
Poison Hand in Chinatown
1969The Muhammad Ali Challenge

The Comic Ad
Comic Ads in general
The reactions - Martial Artist -Comic Book Artists
The sales

Dojo Wars general History and background
The Aftermath
Bob Cooley

Green Dragon Society - History - students
Thier Side

Dante blackballed
Post Dojo War
Disco Rush Street with Cooley

Escape to Fall River, MA
Luigi DiFonzo -
The purolator robbery
The Grand Jury
East Coast 1975
Mas Ayoob Interviews

Death of Dante

The legacy/The Influences
Howard the Duck
DragonBall Z
Robert Rankin

The Rise of American Mixed Martial Arts

That's way more than 90 minutes worth of material. I Two words can represent volumes of information.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Continuing my research about martial arts in Chicago..

I have been looking for a film in which an American Boxer fights a japanese martial artist during World War II. Diligence pays off. The film is titled Behind The Rising Sun and stars Robert Ryan as the boxer, Lefty O'Doyle. The Japanese actors in the film are all uncredited, the principal japanese roles in the film are played by American character actors. This is one of the films I saw after school on Channel 7 when I got home and was supposed to be doing home work. It painted a bleak picture of the Japanese actions prior to WW II.

Here is a brief synopsis of the film:
"Cornell-educated Taro Seki returns to Japan just as the war party gains control. He hopes to work for American engineer O'Hara, and falls for his secretary Tama, but he is drafted. War service in China finally hardens Taro to atrocities, and he returns to Japan a changed man. His father, now a cabinet minister, feels remorse at what war has done to his son and country, but too late to save Taro's foreign friends."
The film is accused of being the worst kind of propaganda. See it for yourself and you tell me.

What is most interesting about this film is the same year it premiered a fight was arranged between an American Wrestler and Masato Tamura, a name that is mentioned over and over in my interviews, most especially for his clandestine lessons to black martial arts students in the 1950s which gave rise to the the wider participation of black martial artists in Chicago.

Judo Battles Wrestling: Masato Tamura and Karl Pojello, Chicago 1943

Read that and you get a sense of the heroic individual that Mas Tamura really was. Absolutely outstanding. The article gives you a sense of the times he survived and how he emerged with a strong sense of humanism in spite of the vile anti-Japanese mood that existed in the US during WWII. Mas Tamura is in the center with the suit in the photo below. This picture is from the 1956 Chicago Yudanshakai. Mas Tamura was the coach of the 5 man event winners. The article is an example of how strong the presence of Asians martial arts were in Chicago in the 30s and 40s.

The good stuff is appearing. I am setting a great foundation for the story, I am feeling.

Preston Baker Event: Return of the Masters July 20-21

Rumble on the Lake - Return of the Masters (Chicago, IL) July 20 & 21st
Preston Baker will be presenting a Seminar and Tournament at Truman College this coming weekend, I will post more information when I get it. Bill "Superfoot" Wallace will be attending as well as Tayari Casel.

Preston was the second person I spoke to about Count Dante after speaking with Ken Knudson. He pointed me to Jimmy Jones. I last saw Preston at Gregory Jaco's memorial. On Friday, July 21 they will be presenting a seminar on the history of martial
arts in Chicago. I will be sure to be there to find other sources of information for the film as well as to interview Wallace and Casel.

Tayari Casel has achived an international reputation since he left Chicago. Now based in Maryland, he does seminars in places like Indonesia as well as being engaged in humanitarian efforts in the region.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Setting Records straight

Posted here is evidence of John Creeden III recieving $1000.00 by Western Union from Barron Sheppard for film footage for a project Barron wanted to do. You can read a PDF of Sheppard's letter to me regarding this transaction.

I owe it to Barron Sheppard to set the record straight regarding his dealings with John Creeden III. Creeden has accused him of bad business practices. I have links here to documents that explain and are evidence of the $1000.00 payment for film footage in a deal between them. Creeden and Aguiar are boasting that they will shut the film down because they feel their rights have been violated. In the attached PDF Barron Sheppard explains his side of the story in his own words and I feel he should be able to answers all of the accusations against him by John Creeden III. Creeden is using YouTube to engage in slanderous attacks against Sheppards character and this is why I am doing this online. I made the introduction so i feel responsible. I did not mean for him to suffer any embarrassment in trying to do business with this guy. Creeden has created a situation that I think that even William Aguiar III does not understand in that it carries implications for his ability to do any business around this archival footage in the future. Changing a deal once it is made is not acceptable or ethical in any sense.

Mining history, the foundation.

I have spent this week examining my film structure. How do say all I want to within the 90 minutes I have to tell the tale. For me, this film is first and foremost a film film about martial arts in Chicago. The early presence of martial arts here in the Midwest is intriguing. I am working to narrow down the very first judo dojo and first secret kwoon in Chinatown.

Pictured here is Don Draeger, an early Chicago martial artist who was a great influence on Steven Segal and no doubt had some effect on the ideas of John Keehan.

Green Dragons, Black Dragons...all have links and conflict back into antiquity. How did these rivalries play themselves out in Chicago and why.

Keehan's early examples, his teachers and heroes, boxing with Johnny Coulon, the books of Don Draeger, Bruce Tegner, his first lessons with Charles Grusanski. People outside Chicago constantly tell me "there are better more worthy people to make films about, sir." And I encourage them that they should do just that. My path is set. Examining the world that produces a character like Keehan is absolutely fascinating to me.

It is more interesting than an hour of watching him show us how to rip off people's noses and ears for sure. In the end, what he taught is not so important as how he learned it, what influenced him, who he came into contact with, and what influenced and changed him. What becomes important is how we as a society have been influenced by and have embraced the idea of martial arts as part of a global physical culture. The promise of great power and longevity, the understanding of what real power is, takes us back to the core teachings of ancient internal arts.

Last night someone asked me how I expected to get all of this stuff into one film. My answer was that is is like music, a symphony or suite, you set a theme, present ideas, create melody and rhythm in a grand introduction to the piece. Then , these themes and melodies recur throughout the composition in various forms spinning new ideas and building on the those ideas that come before. This is how I intend to weave all these many facts and individuals into this one film.

The introduction of Asian martial arts in America was always beset by challenges. The first martial artist to arrive on our shores to teach were always tested by local wrestlers or boxers. Maybe it is in our nature as human beings to challenge anything that smacks of difference. New ideas are alway met with skepticism, it seems. There is a book in here as well as a film, but I am not the one to write it. I am just making the film.

I have enough footage right now to stop right where I am. I could treat John Keehan as a crazy hairdressing karate guy with a pet lion and did crazy stuff, get a good laugh out of it in 30 minutes and be done with it. But I want something more than that. Keehan is a metaphor for a lot more then his crazy self. He is the sum total of shared histories and environments. He was not all bad and has left great memories in the minds of a lot of people from back in those days.

Retracing Keehan's paths and reintroducing myself to the martial arts as a thing I once loved and was obsessed with has been quite a journey. Rising to the top of this story for me right now are four characters, Mas Tamura, Bruce Tegner, Don Draeger and Charles Grusanski. These are all the same people and I and many others came into contact with in some form or fashion in Chicago martial arts. The University of Chicago is integral to this story (my new neighborhood, Hyde Park) as it housed the first formal Judo course taught by Japanese students in the early 1900s and then was the site of the first national karate tournament in 1963.

One of the most important pieces of film footage I am trying to find in of the scene from the Chicago Loop elevated train that passes a corner building where Mas Tamura's Jiu Jitsu Institute, established in 1938, was located. This ride fired the imagination of thousands. The white mats and dancing men in white clothing an colored belts in movement to the music of a banking train at the corner of Van Buren and Wabash.

Thinking, writing and editing....planing more shooting on a shoestring...this is the life.


Sunday, July 08, 2007

New Interviews coming up...

I am on the trail to more interviews. I spoke with Bill "Superfoot" Wallace today and he will be in Chicago soon to do a seminar with Preston Baker. I originally called Joe Lewis at the behest of writer Jason McNeil. Lewis and Wallace were both together when I called. They were headed into the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. I guess the life of a former champion is not that bad.

Wallace grew up in Indiana, so this will be a good addition to the information I am gathering about the Midwest.

I was looking back through old newspapers at the Chicago Historical Society to see what I could dig up about Bruce Tegner's mom and dad, both martial arts instructors. Found nothing yet. I am also trying to dig up info about Don Draeger from Milwaukee. Lots to do, and I do need help. I hope to have someone in a few days.

My film could easily become a sensationalist piece of crap due to who it is about, but I am operating on desire to discover what happened to him that he went so wrong, when he had achieved so much.

I am looking back as far as I can, to the introduction of martial arts to America after Perry; it's introduction to the university system; Asian immigration; and resettlement of Japanese Internees in the Midwest.

I will also be looking at how people migrated from boxing and wrestling to judo and karate. And I am curious about the development of formal and practical philosophies in urban America. This is a tall order. But I am aiming high. I want to stay on "a path with a heart." The story is wild enough, it needs a guidepost. Maybe I am wrong and I will have to toss all the "heavy stuff" out. We will see what ends up on the cutting room floor.

Things are starting to work out nicely. My timing might be just right to stay on schedule.

Friday, July 06, 2007

A friend who has been watching this send me this from the Copyrights database. Pay close attention to "Claim Limit." They got some "splaining" to do , Lucy!!!


Registered Works Database (Registration Number Search)
Search For:

TX-3-161-682 (COHM)
Title: World's deadliest fighting secrets.
Claimant: acBlack Dragon Fighting Society
Created: 1991
Published: 19Mar91
Registered: 1Apr91
Previous Related Version: Prev. reg. 1969, A86679.
Claim Limit: NEW MATTER: "additional text and illustrations; editorial revisions."
Special Codes: 1/B

The Search for Count (CENSORED) Aguiars email to others(not me).

I offered to deal with William Aguiar directly over a year ago. I wrote his attorney over a year ago asking for a visual catalog of images they lay claim to and evidence of that ownership.
I have always been clear as my intention to pay for WHAT I USE in the film, that is a reasonable sum at industry rates and standards.

It appears they lay claim to everything that has anything to do with Dante. Logos, kata(movements), the film footage JohnCreeded III got paid for. Even the name Count Dante.

How cool would it be to have to make the film and call it |
The Search for Count (CENSORED)

William Aguiar never emails me. He emails others to make accusations against me because I want evidence of his power of attorney over Count Dante's Estate and images I have obtained from other people including some of Dante's closest associates personal photo albums.

Here is detail of Aguiar's emails to get my website shutdown. There is also the email he used to have my trailers removed from YouTube, as if that means anything to the making of the film excecpt to make it more interesting.

For the love on MONNN-EY! End of BDFS attention. Oh yes and JCIII, why should I waste my time trying to decipher text with no punctuation and bad spelling at when I have my own grammatical challenges right here????

Next Up: Joe Dodaro and the kung-fu uniforms. Have a nice day.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fall River still trying to be at center of attention.

Well here we go again. The Fall River boys have not been mentioned lately but they are very busy behind the scenes doing their darnedest to have my website taken down due to what they consider copyright infringement. They want some attention. Here it is.

They wrote a letter or false, nuisence and frivolous allegations to Network Solutions to get my website shut down. The "Request for Cease and Desist" was an affidavit submitted by Willaim Aguiar III and notarized by John Francouer, of Levin and Levin Attorneys in Fall River. I furnish a link to the 35 page PDF file they sent to Network Solutions. I have nothing to hide.

I have permission from the people who gave me materials to use those images as I choose for the making of the documentary. The Black Dragon Fighting Society, in the person of William Aguiar, in Fall River has never given me anything. I get accusations, demands for thousands of dollars and no proof of right to attorney over all these images I have received from other people's PERSONAL PHOTO COLLECTIONS.

I have used images from a book that was published in 1968. I have used images of that book cover. That book was copyrighted in 1968 by John Timothy Keehan, aka Count Dante, not William Aguiar. I have used a comic book ad not to sell, but as an illustration of a journalistic story. John Keehan was in business with the Joe Wieder Company at the time of some of these ads, I will query them as to their knowledge of ownership of the adverts. It may belong to them/ I am not selling book but telling a story.

Until I see proof of ownership of all of these materials I have on my website, and/or have a court order I am removing nothing I received from other people.

I invoke my right to use images of the book to illustrate my story on the internet. I challenge their claim to ownership to the photos in the book as the photographer did not relinquish all rights to the photography for the publication of the book and thos images I used are from the original 1968 World's Deadliest Fighting secrets. It has been 40 years, principals have died and anybody can claim anything.

I have asked John Francouer of Levin and Levin to send me a letter by snail mail from his office regarding this matter. I have not received a court order, I have not seen details of the accusations against me under cover of a letter directed to me. This document sent to Network Solutions and copied to me by Network Solutions is the first I have seem of all my dastardly crimes against the Black Dragon Fighting Society.

I have never received one of these things. They count on the fear factor to get people to comply with their wishes. I am not budging without proof of power of attorney over the estate of John Keehan that entitles them to his name, and all materials and good related to his business that was publicized as being put into his wife's name when he died.

Most amusing thing in the Grandmaster of the Black Dragon Fighting Society's affidavit is an accusation that I threatened him under someone else's name and he can produce an IP number to prove it. Now THAT is interesting? He accuses me of being someone named Joey Chicago. Will the real Joey Chicago please stand up? Do people take internet threats from across the country that serious? Especially if they are Grandmasters and sole heir to the deadly throne and fighting system of Juan Raphael Dante? Holy dragon claw!

I wrote their lawyer over a year ago asking that they give me a cataloged list of images I am using that they hold copyright to. They never replied. I have obtained images from people close to John Keehan, magazines and newspaper articles. I used some film footage that was send to me from abroad.

John Creeden claimed that film footage was his fathers and sold the rights for usage of said footage for $1000.00 to an investor in the film. I used stills from the footage to illustrate what we had. Then wanted an additional $500.00 for other materials. What he supplied was footage that was not digitally captured. It was shot from a TV screen.

When Creeden saw there was not another payday coming and that the investor had shared the footage with their hated nemisis, Ashida Kim(Oooooooo mufasaaaaaaa!) He retreated back into Willaim Aguiar's camp. Along the way he accused me of paying one John Patricio, a long-time here to fore banished fellow traveller of the Black Dragon Fighting Society, the amazing sum of $7000.00 for some xeroxed copies of some images that were already accessible on the internet at

He has received the $1000.00 in good faith and then accuses people of copyright infringement.
I will post the receipt and proof that he received this money. Until he returns the $1000.00 he relinquishes his rights to any claim for use of that footage. He brags on the internet how he duped us intentionally. Are you paying attention Robert Rankin, good plot points here.

They have engaged in these frivolous and nuisance threats for over 12 years on the internet, first with Ashida Kim, then with the rock and roll tribute band, Count Dante and The Black Dragon Fighting Society.

They did not prevail legally with the rock and roll band as it was parody. Ashida Kim decided it was not worth the trouble and did not contest their claims in a court of law. Ashida had better things to do as he had maxed out the international exposure of the Black Dragon Society while they have spent the last 32 years in Fall River hoarding a forgotten and misunderstood legacy.

My position remains the same. I have not received a court order to cease and desist. I will not respond to an email demanding that I "cease and desist." I have seen no evidence of ownership that applies to the images that I have on my website. I need a visual list of what they lay claim to. That I can show to a lawyer instead of wasting my and their lawyers valuable time.

The images I have obtained to publicize the making of the film were from numerous individuals in Chicago. I have never taken anything or received anything from the Fall river crew except the poor quality footage that was paid to John Creeden III.

I state for the tenth time, I will not and cannot use any footage in the completed film that is not paid for and has been fully vetted for legal ownership and licensing. The photographs in the 1968 book were not bought out for all rights. The photographer is alive and living in Florida.

I will avoid at all costs, paying one person then getting another claim from someone else for the same materials. They gotta show my ass some power of attorney over all this stuff and not the copyright of a rewritten book and trademark that I am not using as a trademark but as part of a story. They need to address correspondence to me, in my name, that I can take to a lawyer and finally get to the bottom of this mess.

I will also want protection against all future claims by any other individuals or family members who may possibly appear to lay claims to these materials in the event we come to an agreement for use of anything they might own in the film.

So that's my news for the day. Fall River is letting us know they will not be ignored.
OH MY GAWD!!! :-)