Monday, July 19, 2010

Finding Mike Konrath

I got an email some months ago from a man claiming to be Mike Konrath, the son of Christa Keehan, John Keehan's last wife. After informing me his mom had died he, Mike told me he had some pictures he thought I would be interested in. Some months later I went out to see him and his Aunt near the Chicago/Wisconsin border.  I went with some doubts, due to so many fake-ass calls I get and especially after dealing with the Fall River crew. I was pleasantly surprised he has some great photos, not very many but what he has is worth negotiating use for. He has some interesting anecdotes as well, he used to open up the envelopes with the applications for the World's Deadliest Fighting Secrets booklets. He helped Keehan wiith mail-order fullfillment when he was a child.

One of the pictures includes Doug Dwyer with Dante in his slick suit and the pet lion on a leash on Rush Street.