Monday, April 10, 2006

Talking to Cooley...

One undisclosed day in an undisclosed location I met Attorney Robert Cooley, formerly of Chicago. I interviewed Cooley after reading his account of his friendship with Count Dante in the book he authored, When Corruption was King. Cooley is the man who took down Pat Marcy and the rest of the 1st Ward Oufit guys. He wore a wire and now has a price on his head.

People that I have talked to who knew Cooley really have made him for a "rat." Even other lawyers. Well he did squeal, but how do you judge that. I have no mob affiliations or connections except avoiding fights with their kids when I was living in the western suburbs going to high school. I even had a disbarred attorney who knew him tell me " don't take other people down with you." I guess that plays differently depending on the crime and whats at stake, like 50 years of your natural life.

Having never been in that situation....opps...almost lied...I did have to testify before a grand jury once upon a time, my memory did fail due to an inordinate amount of stress. I still can't remember anything. It had something to do with getting a Black Studies program for some college, somebody took over a building I was in(or something like that). Personally I ain't about taking nothing you can't move nor fits in your pocket if I was to want to do something to get some attention. I carefully explained this to the gathered party.

People who participated were rolling left and right. They told it all. State's Attorney Eddy Hanrahan(of the assassination of Fred Hampton debacle) even handed down indictments on some of the so-called "ring-leaders". Association with otuside agitators and known communists was being touted. That was a lie, none of them knew Bob Avakian. Those split level living members of the CPA did not count. They had not yet recovered from Uncle Joe's denounciation by Nikita. Black Panthers had been known to visit the campus. I could hear the sweatbeads apopppin'.

I have recently contacted Cooley's co-counsel on the case as well. The case is 30 years old, there were no convictions. So there are very few records, no transcripts of the case. No evidence photos, nothing really to speak of. I cannot even get mugshots of Keehan.

Cooley hung out with Keehan back in the heyday of Rush Street. It was a colorful time with colorful characters in a colorful area of classless sleaze and haute coutre fashion. It was where we walked on the way to Oak Street Beach. Cooley walked with John and the lion, a babe-magnet if there ever was one. I guess women like the lion tamer routine. We talked for about an hour with an understanding that I may have to call upon him again. He is a very personable guy. He has a beef with this Chicago politico, Edward Burke, regarding a statement attributed to his being a vehement racist. Burke was known to roll pretty tough with the 1st ward. I better stay out of these waters...ya think?

I don't know. I do know this. The late Harold Washington, Chicago's first and only elected black mayor, said of his council war apponents, of which Burke and Edward Vrodolyk were two, "...Edward Vrodolyk is a politician but Edward Burke is a racist." I will put my money on Washington's assessment so as not to get tied up in the he said she said thingy. Do I know the man personally to cast such a net over his character? First of all I am quoting the greatest mayor of all times, second of all, who cares what I think? If they do they have to disprove my quotes. Hell, we have been to war over third party characterizations. No one has to wear a shoe that don't fit. Get over it. This is Chicago, a city that scares some of my South African friends, black and white.

Anyway, Cooley has some cool stories about Dante. They hung out in Rush Street bars, hung out at the Playboy mansion, he watched Dante in street fights. They were two Irish Kids ruling their worlds. Cooley being a bad boy bfor the mob and Dante setting the martial arts world on fire with his comica ads, running porn shops and a used car dealership on top of his hair dressing business.

He was the first person Crista Dante called when the Count died. Cooley says he saw some money at Dante's house earlier. It was coincendental that there had been a armored car vault robbery and Dante was called to the Grand jury , took a lie detector test and passed, so I hear.

I am leaping back and forth here. But as I go over interviews I have done I am relistening and reassessing info as I conpare it to new information I stumble upon.

Now back to work. Gotta do books, write correspondence. Meet Dan Kelly at 12:30 pm.

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