Thursday, May 11, 2006

Internet Research Assistants

I have had a lot of stuff come to me from people who read about the project on the internet. It is amazing what I have been getting. I finally got to look at some of the film footage of Count Dante with William Aguiar.

Now I know what Bill Aguiar III has in his possession and what I have to bargain for. The video footage is not good, very washed out. The transfer really sucks. There is little value if the 8mm film no longer exists. I hope it is still around....I also got a short clip from the 1964 Tournament that I was at. I do mean short, about 36 frames. The magic of new media will definitely come into play here.

My internet research assistants are coming to me from all over the world. I am very greatful to them for their assistance. I will name them in the film with their permission.

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