Thursday, May 11, 2006

Paramount Pictures and Jack Black Bites off the San Francisco Count Dante

Well there we have it. The guy who ripped off the Dante persona has been ripped off by Paramount for his persona, or so it seems. In Nacho Libre Jack Black portrays a lucha libre wrestler. He copies the cape, wild hair and mustache of the San Francisco Count, probably knowing the beard would be a dead giveaway. Is turnabout fair play after all? Is nothing sacred?

Intellectual property theft? I see some similarites here. Will San Francisco Count Dante file suit against Paramount and challenge Jack Black to a deathmatch. SF Count used to wrestle in the Incredibly Strange Wrestling League(ISW). My money would be on his chubby derriere over the Hollywierd fat ass any day. SF Count did get whooped a lot by the Poontangler though. I saw if on the ISW site. She looked like she could take them both on.

Still it is interesting how far a comic book ad can travel, over distance and time. John Keehan has managed to establish an immortality that transcends the martial arts and touch all kinds of pop culture iconography directly and indirectly.

Now SF Count feels like he is missing some change after profiting from and altering and defaming the indefamible(yeah I know this ain't a real word...but I am on a roll) character of Chicago Count Dante.

This would be downright funny if it was not so sad.

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Kung Fu Pimp said...

"yeah I know this ain't a real word...but I am on a roll"

Hahahah! Here here! If ol' Gee-Dubya can do it, why can't you?