Sunday, October 15, 2006

Origins of Larceny and Ironic Aftermaths or Say it Ain't So, John

I found a report from the Chicago Tribune Sept. 9, 1968. There was a truck robbery after one of Dante's tournaments. and many think he engineered this theft himself. Is this where his definitive fall into the dark side begins?

Witnessess are still alive. I have already interviewed Art Rapkin. I have extra questions for him next time around.

Was this Dante or a real outside robbery by culprits unknown?
Knowing this, why did the investigators not query Dante more throughly. But then again, maybe they did. I am feeling like John is starting to go to crime school about this time. This was the same year World's Deadliest Fighting Secrets was published.

Say it ain't so John....

The next article is evidence that Dante was called to the Grand Jury as they sounght the whereabouts of the $4.3 million. John was now included among the "disoganized" crime crew who took down the Purolator score. Nothing ever came of his purported involvement per the grand jury. He passed a lie detector test and walked. Bob Cooley's testimony on film and in his book is the first to clearly associate Dante with the heist and possesion of some of the money.

The oddest thing about all of this is 2 years later Luigi DiFonzo was collecting reward money for telling the Insurance company where he hid the 1.2 million in the Cayman's as well as bond money and other cash taken from him when he was arrested.

DiFonzo managed to earn more from the reward money than from his original commission for handling the stolen Purolator cash. This Fall River guy was definitely a slick customer.

What do I think about all this? Nothing yet...or rather, nothing that I want to discuss. All of the evidence is not in. DiFonzo was aquitted, Dante passed the lie detector test. Maybe that is all there is to it. Maybe not. After a year I know where the film ends, sort of.

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