Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Saga Continues, and he called me a "coon!"

I did two more interviews this week for the film. The Green Dragon mystery will remain a mystery but it's history and genesis will be clearly outlined in the film. I have learned who to rely on for some semblance of accurate information. I have people to cross check data with now. I am better off now then I was when I started this project. I have met some great people all across the country. And, as you have witnessed, I have met some people whose conduct speaks volumes.

I am greatful to those who have opened their doors and archives to me and those who continue to do so. It was the late Ken Knudson who opened those initial doors for me. Ken had a few vital numbers I needed, and he was my first interview. Ken's generosity led me to other former students of Dante and I was able to reconnect to a world I left long long ago.

Wherever I have gone, Chicago, Las Vegas, San Francisco, New York, Kankakee, all have been welcoming. Even Fall River was welcoming, but with a wicked agenda.

I have been going through Keehan's FBI Record for any clues and significants things I need to follow up on. Some interesting tidbits have arisen that I missed.

The lawsuit saga continues, and it is in good hands with my representation. has become a place where the Fall River Crew are trying the case in public.
It has become a Bullshido soap opera of sorts and no one can tell who the players are without scorecards. I even have two forums dedicated to their gathering information about me and Ashida Kim(whom I have never met) and a whole forum dedicated to the William Aguiar lawsuit.

I have been called a "coon" online by this John Creeden guy, definitely an anachronism of an insult for a guy in Massachusetts showing extremely low self esteem and totally being out of touch with the prevailing changes in popular culture. But then, he redeemed himself of that criticism by continuing to not only use the word "coon," but by venturing to the graveyard of the NAACP and digging up the work they tryin' to bury, "nigger."

One of the other posters on Bullshido replied to his "coon" slur with a very funny, "The 1930s called, they want their insult back!"

You would think a person could get banned for such language. But, hey it is good to know who the bigots are. They should expose themselves more often. Hooray for free speech and all that.

Now, I tried to warn them that burying the word was not going to work. It is a vampire that lives off the lifeblood of racism. When you eliminate racism, the word will cease to exist or have meaning. From the looks of it racism is not going anywhere soon. Hence the word "nigger" will remain and people like Creeden will continue to resurrect such terms at will. For those of you in your 20's see a reference to the word "coon" here.

I am old enough to have passed through that faze where I even took that kind of language seriously. I know who I am and long as you ain't stepping to me I will just laugh in the face of such attempts to undermine my self-worth. I know who I am.

He has even called me a used car salesman, wow, just like John Keehan was.

One thing learned a long time ago in public meetings, never challenge a man with a microphone. And let's add to that, or a video camera.

This is about filmmaking. It's construction, the parts, ingredients that make for compelling subject material. What materials are needed? How do I access and support those materials? It is a process of discovery and does have the potential of adventure, for better or worse. It is a struggle and a hassle, especially if you are an independent.

Just because Michael Moore made millions on his documentary films by being an annoying, yet, compelling commentator on the politics of contemporary popular culture does not mean just anybody can do the same. Money can be made for sure, but how much, that is a crap shoot.

I did not start this film thinking I was going to make millions. I was hoping the film could pay for itself and help me start another film. Along the way I found far more to the story than I imagined. Now I am on a different track and will not be derailed by the interests of others.

The project continues. It is only getting better.


John said...

I guess you missed the earlier comment that Creeden left on the Official BDFS site that said something about you being proof that black people had small brains. Yes, Creeden is a racist bigot and that is really surprising considering how open to the black community Dante himself was and also the fact that Creeden claims he served in the military where I'm sure he had to work alongside a few fellow "coons".

He is a despicable excuse for a human being! Some of my (and Bill's) oldest friends in Fall River are black and John Cole who is an instructer at the BDFS is black.

Although, I did also have a black friend named Carl that for some strange reason was prejudiced against other black people... except for Jimi Hendrix, lol. I don't understand this racist crap at all.

John said...

"I even have two forums dedicated to their gathering information about me and Ashida Kim(whom I have never met) and a whole forum dedicated to the William Aguiar lawsuit."

You do? Where? I want in, lol!

floyd webb said...

Black people have small brains? Oh how he does project.

mschremp said...


Don't feel too bad about being called a coon. He could have called you a lot of worse things. Such as Fall River White Trash. Hey, this comment is coming from a WASP....White Austrian Saxaphone Player. Seriously people that stoop to that level in this day and age don't even deserve the time of day. Then again, it is John Creeden.