Saturday, June 07, 2008

Timeline tool

Today I have been making use of a timeline tool I found online. Semantic Interoperability of Metadata and Information in unLike Environments(SIMILIE) is a project at MIT focused on developing robust, open source tools that empower users to access, manage, visualize and reuse digital assets.

Timeline will help me with the film and to give people a look at the process in a scrollable linear manner looking at my involvement with the idea, how I engaged it, pre-history of the character and his influences, what has been happening to me since I started the project. You can get a preview of what I have been doing here

One I master the timeline code I should be able to navigate from the early influences and introduction of martials arts coming to America, the relationship of Jack Johnson to Johnny Coulan and how that might have made an impression on a young John Keehan, events leading up to the court case and it's aftermath.

How I concieved of the idea, the forces that drove me to beginning this with no money and how I "found the film" I wanted to make though interactions I experienced all come to life in the time line.

The interface navigate in the same way Google map does. just hold down the mouse putton on the timeline and pull back and forth. I will refine the interface and the content over the coming weeks.

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