Sunday, May 31, 2009

Karl in London, I meet another Green Dragon Student

I want to acknowledge my friend and supported Karl Kraft in England who has been going out of his way to help me find people in the UK who may have bought The World's Deadliest Fighting Secrets. Karl is a graphic designed and games developer. He designed a great little flyer for the film that he has been posting in dojos and fight clubs all over London. He has really been dedicated in doing this and I have have emails in response to the flyers he has been putting out.
Here is a map of where he has been posting the flyer in London.

Today I met with an individual who spent some time with the Green Dragon Society at Black Cobra Hall several years after the Dojo War. He contacted me by sending me a picture of the front of the Hall and a bllod stain on the pavement where Jim Konsevic fell after being stabbed.

We had a good talk today. New names have cropped up. It seems the Green Dragon Society was in a bit of turmoil in the aftermath of the Dojo War. People were resigning and breaking away to form the Brotherhood of the Phoenix and the Black Scorpians. The thing he says he did not like wa the very hostile environment in the Green Dragon Society, it seemed everyone had something to prove. He visited Preying Mantis Hall and the other school on Devon Ave for lectures. He met one instructor who carried a .357 magnum and made sure everyone knew it. He would leave a .357 bullet in the glass donation jar to remind people they had to "tithe" (my word).

He eventually left the Green Dragon to study Tae Kwon Do.

The conversation continues hot and heavy on about the film. I have been accused of being someone with the screenname Joey Chicago who has commited yet more unnamed offense causing immeasurable hard and defamation to persons who clearly exhibit some mutlple screen name tendencies themselves. The sad part is they thin no one cal tell who they really are becuse they are so good at disguise and stealth in true Ninja fashion online.

The other John Keehan blog continues to scream loudly aboout how accurate and truthful they are while my blog is leass and less about John Keehan. They are the experts.. I smile.

One year later and the pool of mud in my path gets deeper and deeper as I trudge up the path to completion of the film. My I got longer hip boots and a snorkel. If I need oxygen I will get it. I am here for the duration.