Friday, June 04, 2010

It's On, from Chicago to Southend-On-Sea

We have begin a promotion campaign on the"The Search for Count Dante, as I continue production. My investor in the UK is screening trailers at big Mixed Martial Arts Events like The Ultimate Warrior Challenge, taking place this Saturday, June 5, in Southend-on-Sea, UK. It will be on the big video screen. Jim Quattrocki shot this with me over a year ago.
We will begin to do the same at Events here such as Cutthroat MMA. Why? Count Dante held the first MMA Events at the Coliseum on Wabash back in 1967. He was universally condemned and ostracized by the martial arts community nationally. He then went on to write an article titled, Karate is for Sissies, which won him no friends. But the brothers were down with Dante for having the heart to, "March to the beat of a different drummer," as Shihan Preston Baker told me.

We are going to inundate the Martial Arts market with Count Dante-mania. A UFC fighter, the 6'8" Wes Sims, claims to have run into Dante in New Orleans after one of his matches back in the late 90s. He has been looking for him ever since.

I usually shy away from being on camera. But Jim Q convinced me to do it. I don't envision myself a Micheal Moore kind of guy, but we tried this anyway. We will premiere a new trailer every month as I am working to complete the film.

Social Networking and niche marketing is really the key to the success of a project like this. We are coming up with a plan to storm the Comic Book Conventions as well.