Wednesday, June 14, 2006

CopyCat Count Copied Big Time

That copycating West Coast sumo, Count Dante, metal band bass player and pretender to the leadership of the Black Dragon Fighting Society, has been throughly ripped off by Jack Black's character in the film "Nacho Libre."

Count Dante plays bass, so does Jack. It gets more wierd. Back in the days of Incredible Strange Wrestling and getting his butt kicked by the Poontangler, the San Francisco Count had to do stuff like fight lions. Well what does Jack Black do in the film? He fights a wild animal also....coincidence you say????? Hell no, straight-up rip off. Intellectual property theft that could use a bit of litigation. I guess that what happens when you rip off people's persona. It just never ends and you create an endless downward spiral of imitation.

The legacy of John Keehan/Count Dante as a culturally pro-creative phenonmenae just keeps going like an everyready energizer bunny rabbit. I am waiting to see if Jack Black takes the essay writing challenge or decide to just see the San Francisco Count in court. Jack Black is a little guy, I don't see him wrestling this sumo sized fella.

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DeLiRi0uS said...

Ever heard of Shakespeare before? He used sources very closely for almost everyone of his plays...and is he not not considered one of if not the greatest writer(s) of all time? It happnes everywhere in playwriting/film writing. Ideas are taken from other sources and fit into a new scheme, with a new protagonist and new plot twists. Its inevitable, and really there is no legal case that should be made here unless you want to sue the movie business as a whole...