Thursday, June 08, 2006

Distractions Distractions and Dante Steals a Peach

It's been a few weeks since my last post. I have been about the business of bread and butter funtionality. Not a lot new to report. I keep finding people. Some real, some not. It is always questionable...I talk and listen for unprompted cues, cross references I already know.

One think about John Keehan, he surrounded himself with characters, and people WITH character.

Here is an old picture from the collection of Doug Dwyer. Two Irish guys out for a night on the town. They were bouncers in South Side immigrant bars, best friends for quite awhile.

I did a viral video of a 3 second clip I found of John as "The Count" in action. This simple clip shows who Ashida Kim's and William Aguiar's daddy is. In the classic internet Ashida Kim image, we see a move called "monkey steals peach."When Keehan steals a peach, it looks like it will stay stolen. The short video shows Keehan is very skilled in his movements. It is anticiaptory and reactive outside movement of the incoming attack. All I could say when I first saw it was "OUCH!!!" No wonder people would have been just a little bit leary of tangling with him. Yeah, that is understatment on my part.

Don' take my word for it. Take a look at the quicktime™ video for yourself right here.

John is convincing in these video clips. It scares ME! I looped it on purpose. Great viral image. What do you think??

We have entered a very busy period on my day job. Festivals and events and PODCASTS to plan, produce and publish, advertising sales, graphic design...

Still shooting two interviews lined up this weekend. I wonder what happened with Jack Black and the Count in San Francisco. I will check into that and see if they had their essay writing deathmatch yet. What nuts we all are.

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