Friday, July 14, 2006

Chicago Reader Article July 14

Dan Kelly's Chicago Reader article is out. After a few months wait, having done the interview months ago, the Reader has done well by us. My hope is that the article will be a boost to my search for additional funding for the project.

Additionally, I am hoping it will unearth some new information, bring some missing parts of the puzzle out of hiding so I can put this story to rest. It looks really good, reads well and is all over Chicago and the Suburbs. There is little mention of the Puralator robbery, it leaves something for me to tell. :-)

Not bad for a "no-budget" project.

I have my oldest son, Jason, working on the revised budget today. We have officially transitioned from "no-budget" to "lo-budget." I think I will maybe do a fundraiser in August if not sooner. I did get a few "interesting" emails from some west coast parties by about midnight after the article appeared. Nothing serious. Self-reliance first.

Thanks, Dan. You did a great Job. Thanks Chicago Reader, for getting behind a local independent filmmaker.

See the Count Dante Article in the Chicago Reader here.


John said...

A correction/clarification to the part of the article that mentions Bill Aguiar.

Bill Aguiar opened his first Martial Arts school in Fall River in 1967, long before he first met Count Dante. Sometime prior to 1973, Aguiar, for the first time, met and trained with Count Dante in Chicago. They became friends and kept in touch until Dante came to Fall River in 1975.

Bill Aguiar already had a chain of four martial-arts schools. One each in Fall River, New Bedford, Taunton and Worcester. It was sometime during this visit that Aguiar helped Dante organize, what has become known as the Taunton Death Matches, at the Roseland Ballroom.

Anonymous said...

the picture of the count and Bill Aguiar and others with the red sweat pants and black sweat shirts BDFS was taken at the main school on durfee street before it burnt down. There were 10 -12 "black belts under Bill and the count. Paul sousa, brian mello, paul bilsky, don wood, john creeden, and others. there is a picture around that ties them all in. You are doing a great job. Fall River is the key to completion