Thursday, July 20, 2006


As the California Count has been know to say, "...a day without Dante is a day without strange."
This morning a copy of the World's Deadliest Fighting Secrets turned up online for sale on Ebay. It is in French, LES PLUS TERRIBLES SECRETS DE COMBAT DU MONDE, and from the look of the picture of the cover it just may be part of the original publication. I sent out an email to my good friend Olivier Landau's son Gallaye, a recent graduate, to assist me in some research on the book in France and to locate some martial artists in Paris who may have come into contact vwith the book

I got in touch with Bill Goring, the guy selling the $200.00 "buy it now" ebay item. I have not spoken with him yet. I hope to glean some info on the distribution of the book, how many markets, social impact on martial arts communities abroad, etc.

Publishing is everything. What you write becomes legacy. And I am not in much mood for it this moment. I got budgeting issues with the film to mdeal with today and to book a trip to Long Beach for next weekend. I got bites for financing after the article, nothing serious yet. Meanwhile I have to make my way to Long Beach and to Vegas for some footage i need for my trailer to go after the big fish.

More later, the phone is ringing...

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