Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Department of Justice and Writer Robert Rankin

The last 24 hours I have had communication form Washington and London. Washington was the Department of Justice letting me know that my appeal for information on John Keehan/Count Dante was pending appesl per requerst of the FBI. I feel like this should have been easier than that. They got info on him but it has been misplaced it seems. The FBI shuffled me off to the DOJ when the information did not turn up quick enough....or something. I went to the FBI to find out what they may have had on Dante due to his use of the Black Dragon name and his dubious activities with mob characters. I need to get DiFonzo's stuff too while I am at it.

On a lighter side I spoke with Robert Rankin, British sci-fi and fantasy writer who makes use of the Count Dante character in his books. Count Dante is one of the many eccentric characters referred to in Robert Rankin's Brentford stories. I was put in touch with him by another character he frequenmtly kills off in his books, Count Otto Black. Thanks Otto.

Ottowants to have a fan party where they act out Dante scenes from the Brentford stories, Dim Mak, or "dimak," and all. So I will take a trip to London to talk with Robert, Count Otto and Graham Noble. I hope to schedule this for early October. Fares will be cheap and this will give Cout Otto time to help me with the fan Dante party.

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