Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Focusing on the Legend:: CutThroat Ring Report:: Fearless Radio

The Chicago Reader article's effects continue. Mike Davis, of Cut Throat Ring Report, a weekly program on Internet radio, Fearless Radio, contacted me. Mike has a very interesting full time job in law enforcement but does this program as a sideline with a pal of his from Indiana.

They are absolutely fascinated with the urban legend. They have introduced 6'9 fighter Wes Sims to the Count's legend. The obsessed Sims now announces from the ring he is "searching for Count Dante." I could translate this into some GREAT marketing for the film. I figured that there would be some interest in the Count from the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) community. They are a huge demographic and I am sure there are aspects of the Dante's persona that are sure to please the rough and ready contemporary fight crew and fans of MMA matches. This was one of Count Dante's deferred dreams, to hold matches of this kind.

I was on-air with Bob Shirmer, an old school martial artist who has made the transition from traditional martial arts to the world of MMA. He runs the Combat Do Fighting Challenge in Cicero out of his All AMERICAN ACADEMY OF MARTIAL ARTS. I need to get by his school and film some classes soon. Shirmer opened his first school is a really rough neighborhood in on Roosevelt in a predominantly black community.

Shirmer is a slight wiry white guy less then six feet tall and, I am sure, seemingly easy prey for an uninformed and inattentive tough guy. The Rock and Roll Count Dante in San Francisco joined us on the show by telephone. You can read his report of the program here. The show was really a raukus kind of send up of the Count's exploits but when Fred Degerberg came on he brought it down to earth with a really well grounded assessment of Keehan/Dante's contribution to the martial arts. You can hear the podcast of the show at http://fearlessradio.com.

As a result of the show I have located another informant and maybe a link to someone very close to Dante. We shall see what this new contact yeild in new data. I am glad Mike Davis got in touch with me, after my meeting with the Green Dragon Society it was good to have something a bit lighter to deal with.

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