Thursday, November 09, 2006

Black Dragons in Oak Park

Looks like it has almost been a month since my last post. I got lots to tell but not all of it today. I met these two guys in the photo whose names I will reveal later in my own back yard of Oak Park, IL. They are students of one of Doug Dwyer's students. More on then over the holiday.

They are good, clean cut guys in real estate who grew up in the shadow of Dante's legacy. They have a lot of stories. They spent their Sunday 's working out with Black Dragon Students who
studied under Dwyer and Keehan.

I got good news and bad news. The good news will wait. The bad news is the Chicago Police Department will not release any files to me on John Keehan or Jim Konsevic. I was looking for arrest records and mugshots. So I got a two-fer here regarding law enforcement. Department of Justice has still not replied to my request for FBI records regarding Keehan either.
Meanwhile I got a pretty interesting take on Dante in Cuba with Raul Castro that I had not heard before and is so deep in "craft" I have to think twice about messing around with it.

By now you probably know me....I'll mess with it.

I got clues about Christa Dante, found out who she married, what he was like, where she used to drink even on the North Side.

I have heard from a clinical psychologist who was a student of Dante Students and he tells a story of Mr. T coming into a Black Dragon School "Bruce Lee style" and challenging everyone. Apparently he remained standing in a doorway at the top of the stairs while issuing his "I Pity the Fool..." challenge. Needless to say someone went rolling down the stairs and he had a Mohawk hair-do. Of course I have to see if I can T to talk about this. Responsible journalism is paramount you know.

I am working on my presentations, got press kits being printed, got a fancy DVD preview...things are moving forward.

I got turned down for an interview with a radio personality who was greatly influenced by Count Dante. Secretive aren't. I will make it all clear in my future posts.

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