Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Victor Moore

I spoke with Victor Moore some months back about his association with John Keehan. He was a contemporary and was at Robert Trias's school along with Keehan and they worked out together in Arizona. I am hoping that Mr. Moore will be able to give us some insight into the realtionship between Keehan and Trais and what the relationship dynamics were like.

Mr. Moore is the man who went up against Bruce Lee in a speed contest and came to a draw against Bruce's "unblockable punch." This took place at Ed Parker's Long Beach International Tournament in 1967. Don Warrener has this on film. This lost and found production, “The New Gladiators,” was financed by Elvis Presley but never released.

Mr. Moore was a well-known competitor in sport, full contact and kickboxing in the early days of professional martial arts. He speaks highly of John Keehan as a fighter. I am including him in todays blog because of a match between he and Joe Lewis that is online at His is an interview I am very excited to pursue.

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