Thursday, June 21, 2007

I am making a movie, I am not taking sides...

Smooth sailing and the film moves forward...

The stories of Count Dante is really not about any of the numerous parties involved. Yet they are all part of the story for better or for worse. I am talking to whoever I feel I need to in pursuit of the story. It is not up to me to judge who is the real this or that. That is the purpose of the movie.

The only thing I believe is that I will finish this film. I will let the audience be the judge of what's what. Much will be left on the cutting room floor. I may not use more than 10 percent stock footage in the film. Somebody quoted me $10K for stock footage. And I can't see it before I buy it. Nahhhhhh. Renactment time.

I do not have a trailer still up. That is not a trailer I did. It was someone else trying to be helpful.
Yes the footage was purchased knowing it was going to be used in a film. But I needed access only for the purpose of a trailer, not for broadcast. That is a different story altogether. I make no commitments unitl I know what I am using and will make a deal based on what I have available at the time. As I said. I am not bothered by any of this at all except to raise points of clarification.

The reenactments will work much better, I will have total control and there are some incredible martial artists in Chicago who can help pull this off.

I got new trailers coming up, really entertaining stuff. And it has nothing to do with footage from Fall River. Smooth sailing and the film moves forward.

Ashida Kim has credibility like it or not. I don't have to explain that. many of you saw his footage before it was taken down. I will let the audience see him and what he has done because he di it, and he did it around the world. THAT is interesting, South Africa, Australia, TV talk shows, MMA matches with kick boxers. Call him what you will. For a phoney he is quite accomplished.

The BDFS footage from Fall River is history. I have tried to tell it with them. Now I am back to telling it without them. I don't have the time or patience anymore. My focus is on finishing the film. I will all those with footage they wants $10s of thousands of dollars for the best of luck. I will get fooatge elsewhere with less hassle.


mschremp said...

You know it almost seems ironic (or maybe appropriate) that Count Dante is stirring up all these emotions again. Just like he did when he was alive. Also, its a shame that people are being threatend over a movie. Keep up the good work Floyd, can't wait to see the movie.

bob wright said...

Pity about all the $$$$ and bullshit politics, all I want is to see is a doco on Count Dante.
Can't understand how it came to all this????????

floyd webb said...

Every film has it challenges. This stuff is easy compared to other films in a way. Good sources of information keep coming to me. People kepp showing up who want to help.