Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Struggle Continues: The Blood of Jim Konsevic, More news, More contacts, More Dragons

I have been pretty quiet for a reason. Lot's is happening, Some good some bad. I am not ready to talk about it. But I got a new image to day from, Laurence Kitsch, a guy who lived across the street from Black Cobra Fight Hall of the Green Dragon Society.

The picture is of the sidewalk in from of Black Cobra Hall on April 24, 1970. A simple image of a sidewalk with stains on it, the blood of Jim Konsevic. I enhanced the stains myself for effect. The picture is re-touched.

Laurence explained to me he ended up studying there at Black Cobra Hall 5 years later. More on that later. I have to ease back into not being so closed mouth about information.

Information keeps coming at me no matter what I do. I still do not think I will ever know what happened that night except that Jim Konsevic died.

More when I get a full day to unload all the events of the past few months.

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