Monday, November 19, 2007

Back to Dante Today....The problems of bending History to ones will.

Ok, first things first. A letter from the Green Dragon Society to William Aguiar has been presented claiming to have originated in the 1960s. But this is clearly a confusing statement to make. It is evident that the postage stamp on the letter is 1972 and the first class stamp is an 8 cent value.

First class Postage was not 8 cents until 1972. In 1966 postage was 5 cents, and in 1968 it was 6 cents. This is easily verified.

A key problem of research is resisting the urge to bend the results to your will, to make if fullfill your own needs. The truth is compelling enough without perpetuating falsehoods along the way. The truth will always surface, one way or another.

Just to be clear, I will now make it known, I have more information about Fall River than I expected to get. I have the information I need to give Fall River the treatment it needs without use of the BDFS archive. There is enough press information and people who have come forward who are giving me the information I need about this brief period in Dante's career and his associations there, especially his first meeting with Luigi DiFonzo. My sources are confidential and will remain so until the film is completed.

Fall River was never being left out of the film. I was not going to succumb to blackmail for the use of their materials, plain and simple.

The film gets better everyday.


Sa Bum Nim Pieschala said...

You know .. their biggest problem is their predictability. Floyd like we talked a long time ago we knew they would be a pain. And they would mix that with just bing stupid. My teacher who really knew Dante (let's say "well") said this. But you knew then as you know now .. they have nothing but bully tactics.

Bill I know you read this. Drop it dude, you'll lose more than you gain .. and this is me talkin'

Sa Bum Nim Pieschala said...

As an after thought, and this just came back to me. I very specifically remember telling my instructor this stuff when I first started helping Floyd.

I remember this conversation very specifically .. "And you'll never guess who took over. Bill Aguiar."

I'll never forget his reaction because he rarely cussed. "No shit?! The last I heard those two were on the outs .. he was almost never around."

I'm not here to accuse, but that is the truth from one who knows. And after all, we are here arguing over our Dad's war stories, are we not?

So what was it? What was it extra keys to the school? An old letter? Exploiting a favor promised in life and taken advantage of in death? There is still plenty of time to make this right.

Otherwise, drop it, and leave Floyd alone he's just making a film and trying to be truthful and accurate. My dealings with him he has always had the utmost integrity. If you say, "Don't use that." He won't. If you give him something, he keeps it to himself. I had my doubts and gave him very little at first.

However I am very pleasantly surprised his actions, I intend to give him a whole lot more too. And these are MY stories not my Daddy's.

I guess after years of training people to stand up to bullies, it burns me to see it happening. So I'm making this statement.

You Fall River guys want respect act with respect. Or were you taught so poorly? I was very well trained and was humble enough to "listen".

So before you call me "Floyd's kiss ass" or something stupid like that. I've got no money or other vested interest interest in his film. Definitely not "fortune and glory."

And if you want me, I know who I am; who are you? I'm right here in Chicago.

So leave it alone, let him make his film the way he wants too. This is not in anyway a threat so don't get your panties in a bunch. I'm defiantly not one who is only "tough behind the keyboard". Save your challenges I'm not flying to Fall River, you're not worth the money.

In summary, Fall River don't go away mad, just go away.