Sunday, November 18, 2007

Having a Nice day...a day without Dante(?)

Some things you cannot make up. Life has a tendency to be more compelling than fiction at times. Add the fact that many people like to hitch themselves to rising, falling and dead stars, that real life is a province best left than dealt with, that most people will endure anything to achieve their 15 minutes of fame promised by Andy Warhol.

Some of our lives are so empty, we need a character like Count Dante to make ourselves feel alive. Me? When I hang out with my granddaughter Isis and DJ Spooky in the cafe at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) in Chicago is what makes me really feel alive. This is not a judgment. This is what I am thinking.

Paul has a great exhibition going on in Chicago. From November 14 through January 17, the fluXspace exhibition in the Betty Rymer Gallery will be the site of his "Link City Chicago", a collage installation projection in four sections: City of the Past, City of the Future, Third World City, and Industrialized City. Link City Chicago examines the idea of the urban landscape as a legible text, and looks at the global city from the viewpoint of how form and function are evolving in the radically accelerated information economy. Link City Chicago is a collaboration between SAIC and the Chicago History Museum.

THAT is some hip shiznit! I missed his concert at the Chicago History Museum, where he mixed the digital archive. Isis and I were at the Children's Museum later than we figured and came back to the office so she could watch Felix The Cat on joostTV. We had fun! Paul's next big project is in Antartica. Talk about exciting!

Count Dante for me is nostalgia, he was a a human being with special flaws in his character, not unlike most human beings. His were a but extra special I must admit. This too shall pass. It takes a better imagination than mine to make all this stuff up. I like to think I know where I am going with this....when I think I don't, I separate myself from it get a mental reboot and go back and hit it again.

I still seem to have to talk about the project even when I am escaping from it, people always want to know what I am doing, or they ask me about the Fair Use case. Who knows what will happen. It is all unpredictable far as I can tell.

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