Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jim Quattrocki and company enter my story in The International Documentary Challenge

The production crew above are, left to right: Vicki Parker, Michael Cowan, Angela Guido, Mariana Perin and Jim Quattrocki. I have known cameraman Jim Quattrocki (far right in the photo above) for about 2 years. He is an old student of Doug Dwyer. Doug actually remembered him from when he was about 11 years old and even had a picture of him in class. He has always been interested in the project and when I get a bit more funding I will definitely be hiring him. He helped me with an interview with Doug and interviewed me early on about the project.

While I was in Boston facing my Federal Charges on copyright infringement last week I got a call from Jim, asking me if I would be the subject of a 5 minute documentary for the International Documentary Challenge(IDC). Jim got together with the folks above to come up with an idea to shoot for the competition and my story about the making of my doc won out. Lucky me.

The IDC, "is a timed filmmaking competition where filmmaking teams from around the world have just 5 days to make a short documentary film. The 3rd annual took place March 6-10, 2008 with the finalists premiering at Hot Docs in April 2008!" In, "
its 15th edition in 2008, Hot Docs will present more than 125 from over 25 countries from April 17-27."

We shot at my office, they interviewed Jimmie Jones, we went to the site of the dojo war.
They filmed me walking around Chinatown. They were very careful to use materials that are not in dispute and create the doc clearly with original materials.

Whatever happens I will have a great promo for the film. They are a good team. They got organized over Craig's List. They have finished the doc and here they are. in the photo above, at FedEx at 10:00pm last night shipping out the completed 5 minute doc to the Challenge. With luck you can see it at Hot Docs.

Congratulations to them all.


Sa Bum Nim Pieschala said...

I can't wait to see this one. I thought movie has been "a movie within a movie" :).

Oh just for the record, if you are taking medication I'm sure you have your reasons. I applaud you because it takes a man to admit it when when they need help :)

Best wishes and congrats!

johnpatricio said...

Wowee, Please post a link to this when it's on the net. Sounds great and great advertising. Congrats on the 1st place!

John Creeden said...

You have no balls pussy

floyd webb said...

did somebody say something negative?

John Creeden said...

Floyd lets be cool with each other and be constructive to your film

John Creeden said...

All this bad blood is bad Floyd I didn't contact you to start so crazy shit. We've both wrote some shitty shit about each other Floyd.
I'm sick of it Floyd come on man .