Sunday, March 30, 2008

Vault Robbing Martial Artists

I just stumbled over a report on cage fighter/mixed martial artist Lee "Lightning" Murray and his involvement in a £53 million Securitas robbery. Securitas is similar to our Purolator. Armored cars pick-up, transport and store money for business.
Most of those involved got caught. They had inside help and held people hostage. Murray is suspected of being the mastermind. I could not help but think of Dante and the Purolator Robbery because so many people got caught so fast. Real amateurs. One would think if you dare to steal £53 million (over $100 million) you should in no way get caught. Well Murray obviously understood this and made a beeline for Morrocco, where he was born and still retained citizenship. £21 million was recovered, £32 million is still unaccounted for and Morocco has no extradition treaty with England.

Muray while at a Shopping mall in Rabat with a friend called, "The Enforcer," was arrested but was released after serving 8 months and paying a hefty fine. Murray had a great fight record and was almost killed in a club fight when he was knifed. More evidence, folks, when you see a blade, run. No shame in it.

They just seems so coincidental that I thought I would share this with you all. I wonder if Murray ever read anything about the history of Dante's role in the 1974 Purolator Robbery.

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