Monday, October 22, 2007

On the Lighter Side...Today's Irony and Getting Ready for Pittsburgh Black Belt Hall of Fame.

In the middle of all this I suddenly get a piece of mail has made me an honorary member of the Black Dragon Fighting Society(BDFS). Nooooo, this was initiated by Mike Felkoff, no remorse on the part of the Fall River claimant. I got an official certificate signed by Dr Lawrence Day and Stoffel Van Vuuren. Dr. Day is a direct student of John Keehan/Count Dante.

Now this is going to rankle some feathers, but what can I say. It is a great distraction from all the motions and counter-motions. How much more crazier can this all get. Damn, I should not even ask. Double irony, Van Vuuren considered an associate of Ashida Kim, presently has no dealings with him whatsoever. I know nothing about Ninjas so I have nothing to say about it. Accusations are being flung about about money changing hands and it just goes to show how the focus is always about what someone else is or is not getting. All I am getting is a headache and have to continue to struggle to get this film completed.

I guess I am in the middle of a guantlet being thrown down while all I am trying to do is make a great film. Now, along the way, I have been made an honorary member of the the BDFS by elder members of the original BDFS who want to send a message that they support the making of this film. It is that simple. After weeks of people trying to impose a lot of stress on me it is good to get a good laugh. Does it effect my ability to be objective about my subject. Please do not ask me this today. I will get deeper into this subject after I get done laughing at the irony of the day.

Since the 1980’s the Eastern U.S.A. International Martial Arts Association, Inc. has been sponsoring the U.S.A. International Black Belt Hall of Fame. I will be there when it convenes this year to see Mike Felkoff's reunion with Lawrence Day who last saw one another the day of the Black Dragon/Green Dragon incident in April, 1970. The event will take place in Pittsburg, PA Nov 9-11. Felkoff will be inducted into the International Black Belt Hall of Fame.

What does this mean, this ascension of a new "international" Black Dragon Fighting Society headed by Felkoff, Dr Lawrence Day and Professor Stoffel Van Vuuren? These old heads have come together to revive the Black Dragon Fighting Society and have an impressive list of international affiliate instructors. It means I want to film this event and this reunion.

I have heard rumblings of Keehan's association with a real Japanese Black Dragon who settled in the Indiana area and was teaching judo. I am being told that this choice of a name was not an arbitrary choice. I will be exploring this more. I have given some interesting background on the Black Dragon Society in my earlier blogs. I am not making any assumptions, all I can do is explore possibilities and intent.

When Mr. Aguiar III heard about my "honorary" certificate he called Dr. Day to read him the riot act. All these vitriolics will come to naught. Time moves on, situations and conditions change. A sense of humour is what we all need about now.

I thank the elders for their show of support. This is some adventure I am on, fromNat Cole to an empty grave, to Federal Court, to honorary membership in the Black Dragon Fighting Society. It looks gooooooood on me! :-)


sifumpg said...

Congrats on your projects progress! I find it hilarious that you've run into such ridiculous resistance. After reading many of your blogs today, catching up on some of the "legal" nonsense, I felt compelled to send you a short note of support.
You have handled the negatives and positives with style, humor and a mature outlook. I'm excited about the film and look forward to seeing the finished product. Keep it up!
Also, thank you for posting the clip of your interview with M. Felkoff. I found it refreshing, as are all my conversations with him.
Master Day and Felkoff are the main reason I'll be in Pittsburgh next month. Perhaps I'll see you there.
Peace and joy, Mike Glynn

Kung Fu Pimp said...

Wow. How cool does that look? I'm jealous!