Thursday, October 04, 2007

There once was a lion...

On a lighter note, I have discovered the fate of John Keehan/Count Dante's pet lion.

When last seen, the lion had taken a bite out of the mayor of Quincy, IL at a Lion's Club convention. John and a buddy had taken the lion there. The owner of a Buick dealership bought the lion from John under circumstances I have not yet determined. The Buick dealer was living at home at the time. He arrived, tied the lions leash to the kitchen door and went to bed. Next morning, his mother woke up and discovered a lion in her kitchen, to her dismay.

The Buick dealer would get a kick out of driving the lion around in a Buick Opal station wagon. The lion was sold again to another Buick dealer in St. Louis, then the Lion was sent to a zoo in Texas.

I will update this entry as pictures and more information comes available.

I am sure glad I can have at least a little fun with this film..... :-)

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