Saturday, December 22, 2007

Holiday Cheer?

Well I am back on the blog. Been recovering from some real bad news this past week. A good friend of mine who was also a documentary film GOD for a lot of us passed away last Saturday. His name was St. Clair Bourne. He died of Pulmonary Trombosis, as a result of surgery to remove a tumour from his brain.

I and a lot of the independent film community is in mourning over his death. He was a great man, a serious filmmaker and did not take no shiznit. He was my film guru, our sensei, who gave a lot of us the skills needed to persevere and continue on this road to the prodcution of significant documentary film works. He was of a singular vision and walked a rough road to accomplish his goals. I started up a blog about him here to help me write myself out of the grief. Julie Dash asked if it was too corny for us to name a star after him. I laughed. I was like hell no it is not unreasonable. So I marked one on Google Sky and did a community share with thr marker. At least his close friends will know where it is, The Bourne Star. If you have Google Earth you can see it when you hit this marker. When it downloads just double clik it and when Google Earth starts up switch it to Sky Mode. I will be trying to write myself out of this grief.

I have just come iinto possession of the police reports related to the death of Jum Konsevic. They have been supplied to me by one of his cousins. I will furnish some facts from that report.
As I have said before, I was personally having a hard time trying to work this angle of talking about Jim Konsevic the man. He was mor than someone who died that day. It would be very unfair of me to spend all this time on Keehan and not at least have some mention of Konsevic before this event, to give him his humanity at least in this impossible story.

So I am grateful his cousin Peter has come forward and provided me with this material. More on this later. I am goign to try to blog every day til the end of the year.

Court Case
Well it is still in motion. We have a court date. I will give more details on that later also.
My attorneys are all ready and able. I am confident in their knowledge, abilities and believe they got the mojo to get me the sayso. :-)

I am still shooting interviews but who knows what will end up on the digital cutting room floor. There will be plenty left over for extras.

I could be done with the film right now but for all the controversy. It has stirred up the silt. at the bottom of the jar and new treasures have been discovered.

It is 8:00 am here and I need to get going. I will be back to write later tonite.

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