Saturday, December 01, 2007

time out chicago article this week

The court case got covered by Time Out Chicago this week.
Hank Sartin did a great article that clearly illustrates what I am trying to do with the film. It is kind of prestigious to be the lead story in the film section of a weekly entertainment magazine like Time Out.

I first ran into Time Out when I moved to London way back in 1975. I have always enjoyed the format and the depth of activity they covered in any given city.

I was very careful to follow my attorney's instructions and not use any photos that may be in question due to the claim of William Aguiar. I used an autographed copy of a photo given to me by the right Reverend Woodrow Edgell.

You can see the article online here.

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Sa Bum Nim Pieschala said...

"My research is wrapping up in one sense. Now I am structuring and planning for more interviews and archival footage. I just may be able to stay on schedule and finish up by Spring, 2007 as planned."

My favorite quote you've ever posed :)