Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Count Dante and Incredibly Strange Wrestling

His name is Bob Calhoun and he is also known as Count Dante, west Coast rock and roll star. He is an extraordinary writer who has collaborated with Gene LaBell on his biography and written for numerous online publications.

His new book, Beer, Blood, and Cornmeal: Seven Years of Incredibly Strange Wrestling was just released last month and I have been having a great time reading it.

Bob spent seven years of his life living deep inside one of San Francisco's bizarre counter cultures, The Incredibly Strange Wrestling League(ISW) and lived to tell about it. ISW featured a cast of lucha libre-inspired characters who would step into a makeshift ring and battle it out, while bands like NOFX, the Dickies, and the Donnas provided the live soundtrack.

Fight spectacles included bizarre wrestlers likethe Ku Klux Klowns in heated battle against Hasidic Jews, and a flock of Christians being "fed" to the lions. Count Dante would battle the Poontangler over paternity of her soon to arrive baby. It was some way out stuff wrote with humour, affection and a keen eye for the absurd detail and histories of all involved.

Meanwhile, I got some great assistance in England from a young man name Karl Kraft.who wants to help me with the film. So he had designed some posters to be distributed to Dojos tracking down people for stories about buying the World's Deadliest Fighting Secrets. I have a way to record stories about the buying the book online.

Some of video testimonies will be included in the film and others will be in a section of the new website that is presently under construction.

Things are moving forward. We are back in court May 9th. Aguiar notified the court he would continue to act Pro Se, on his own behalf, asked for a jury trial and said he is open to mediation.

The film moves forward....

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johnpatricio said...

Wow, that is a nice advertising poster there... and it is completely "fair-use" legal too. Very nice.