Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Recent research developments.

Plans for several more interviews have solidified for this weekend and over the next month.
I have a childhood friend and a relative of Dante's to speak with as well as a scholar who has written on martial arts and popular culture.

It has been hard to get an interview arranged in Japan with Akira Toriyama, creator, writer and illustrator of the Dragonball Z manga series. He seldom gives interviews.

I may be able to score an interview with one of the producers at Toei Animation in Tokyo. There is a character in DragonBall Z, Mr. Satan, or Hercules, who seems to be styled after Count Dante, cape, afro and specially carved facial hair. The appeal of the comic add is definitely the key to the global awareness of the legend.

The additional interviews will allow me to flesh out my themes and give substance to the idea of an urban legend who has achieved a global underground notoriety.


chdorr said...

Hey Floyd,

what's the latest and what the hell is creeden yammering on about on his blog?


chdorr said...
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floyd webb said...

Who? Don't answer that. That is my reaction to the name.

Pigumon said...

Wow, I never noticed the connection between Count Dante and Mr. Satan until you mentioned it. I always understood him as being a "westerner" but now that you mention it, Toriyama is definitely the right age group to have read comics in the 70's, and he's all about parodying both western and eastern culture.

The 'fro, the facial hair, and even the boast that he's the "deadliest man alive", it all matches!

Wow, if you somehow get an interview, I'm am so your assistant.