Tuesday, May 20, 2008

1968 Convention Martial Arts Class

I remember the class went on for several days before the convention started. I never knew who was teaching the class. My friends and I kept in motion the whole day anxious to get out before dark.

Here are some stills from film footage taken at the convention. The guy is the beard is clearly NOT John Keehan. When I first saw the film footage of this from another angle I was not sure. I never knew Keehan to wear a full beard. Seeing it closer in this footage I highly doubt it. But as I said before, the footage has some value for archival purposes. As it was several days, maybe he was there. I heard it from more than Ashida Kim, but then again, where did the rumour start? Was it with Ashida Kim in the first place?

I know Blackstone Rangers he taught, but I also know of a Doctor he taught. It is clear that Keehan liked to teach and was very good at it.
How will I use this in the film? Wheather it is Dante or not is unimportant as there have been rumours he was there teaching and maybe someone will be able to cooraborate his presence theere during this time.

It is all part of the mythology. Was he wasn't he? What is the significance of the claim. I will just kick it around a little and see where it leads. First thing is to identify who is actually teaching the class in this footage.

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johnpatricio said...

I don't think that is Dante in the photo at all. As far as being at the convention, I don't know if he was there at all. The only person I have ever heard this from is Asshida, but it's something that knowing Dante's character, fits. Knowing Asshida's character it also fits that it could just be pure fiction. I hope you will be able to get more info about this.

Also, were you ever able to get proof/evidence of Dante appearing on any TV game or sports shows? Would love to answer that (citation needed) statement on Wikipedia.

Dying to see this film Floyd!