Thursday, May 29, 2008

Trying to Make Online Fundraising Work

I have already recieved donations from about 10 people. They know who they are, I will be doing something very special for them in the next couple of weeks. The support is greatly appreciated.

I am working on developing a good online strategy for fundraising. I have joined indieGoGo to see how social networking in their style works for what I am doing.

There is a bit of hype around the indieGoGo site that I am hoping to take advantage of. It is still about the people I know, my immediate network and how they feel about the project that makes the fundraising viable. Will total strangers be motivated by the idea because of the compelling content? Will people with no knowledge of martial arts "feel" it as well as "Get it?" I have 45 days to find out.

The $8000 is a quarterly goal to get a round of interviews done and to hire a motions graphics person to help with some of the scenes where I am dependent upon stills to help tell the story.
I am trying to perfect the look of the film as I shoot.

There is travel and equipment rental as well as the hiring of a camera person for about 5 days of shooting to be done. That will be covered in the next quarter's budget.

On away I go.

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