Friday, May 23, 2008


It is now time to pull out all the stops and get busy as I can. I am pushing to get this film finished by December. I need to raise money to continue shooting. On Friday, June 13 I will be having my first local fundraiser at an occult bookstore here in the city to talk about the trials and tribulations of making a documentary film about a man dead 33 years this coming Tuesday.
I will post all the pertinent information next week. We are pulling out all the stops to do this.

There are about 15 people I need to interview and travel expenses to cover. This law suit has not diminished my spirit but it has effected my pocketbook.

You can go to my website and donate through PayPal. Donations of any amount will be accepted. If you donate over $25.00 I will send you an autographed DVD when the film is finished. I am also starting a newsletter. You never know, you may even recieve some occassional goodies by snailmail if I have your address.

Send me those email addresses . I will let people know when the film is playing at festivals and people who donate will get a special party thrown for their pleasure in whatever city we are in.

I am getting into third gear. You will see one of these images once a week on the blog. Sorry for the hard sell, but it has to be done. Thanks to those who donate, and to those who would if they could.

I have really appreciated those emails of support during the court case. They are invaluable. Now it is time for me to put the beg on. Court is not over, but I do want to be done shooting this year.

More news coming this week.

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