Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I am presently making preparations to depart for the UK to interview writer Robert Rankin about his use of the Count Dante character in his novels. His fan base is pretty active and have proposed doing the "Count Dante's Ball." This could be a lot of fun. I should get some great footage from it.

"Count Dante's Ball

We will be having a special celebration of Count Danté at
the Hare and hounds pub at Preston Circus, 75
London Road, BN1 4JF.
Starting upstairs at 8pm.

Floyd Webb who is quite possibly the worlds foremost expert on Count Danté (who me?) will be joining us for the whole day. He is making a movie about the Count and wants to feature Robert and the club – and how Dimac has transcended into cult fiction. So you’ll be on film.

At the moment we are hoping to have a live band, a number of talks about Count Dante, some martial demonstrations and the usual Sproutlore raffles and what not, followed by just
drinking into the night.

The Hare and hounds is about 700 yards from Brighton Station. Hopefully people will get some
food in between times.

The theme is martial arts – so get the gear out!

If you wish to purchase a ticket we have set up the facility online, at our Sproutshop,

Send cheques made payable to JAMES BACON to 55 Cromwell Rd.,
Croydon, CR0 2JZ, UK.

As usual we don’t accept any blame if it all goes wrong, there are limited amount of places, so please don’t expect to just get in if you turn up unannounced. Contact us if you have any queries. We have the 1st of March as a cut off date – unless you email us: or call meon 07913 574618."

I will write about how it all goes.

Meanwhile. Ashida Kim has posted a video from an Austrailian TV show of him doing the Dance of Death. I have to say, ole boy is a good showman, and I think the Count himself would be proud of him because he is GOOD at it. Mike Felkoff, perfectionist that he is, says he "almost has it.

Now for a phoney this guy seems to have fully spread the legacy of the Count around the world all by his lonesome. Take a look and tell me what YOU think.


Anonymous said...

I can't stand Ashida Kim. For reasons much beyond Dante

But I have to admit, he does know the "DOD" very well. He even has a good sales presence, I can see where people are interested in him. He's alot skinner than I thought, I thought he'd have beefed up over the years.

I would hazard to say after viewing Bill Jr.'s performance of it, on his own DVD's. Ashida may have him beat. (go ahead hate me for saying it).

Great post Floyd! As usual.

Master C. C. Pieschala

Anonymous said...

Yeah, well think what you like but Ashida Kim still performs the Charging-T wrong and he is still a notorious thief. He is leaps and bounds above Bill as far as marketing and promotion skills though.

Anonymous said...

How do you get "charging t" wrong ?

It's a fairly basic technique that Dante perfected over the years.

It also lends itself to his reputation as somebody not afraid to strike first and end a fight.

I agree that Ashida Kim is a thief.
He reminds me of an Amway salesman :)

Bill has some good stuff and was taught well. And size wise I think he could break Mr.Radford Davis (Ashida's real name) in two.

I'm really curious to find out more the history between Dante's guys and Ashida. I'm sure it's interesting stuff.

But sometimes it's best to let sleeping dogs lie.

Unless Floyd wants to dig it up :)

Master C.C.Pieschala

Anonymous said...

Ashida leads with his left foot and his left hand, much like a boxer would. He should be leading with his left foot and right hand and of course with each step forward switch to right foot, left hand and back again. It may sound awkward at first, but believe me when I tell you it is the correct execution and much more defensive/offensive than Ashida's method.

Learning the charge the wrong way it was happens when you learn the Dante System from a book instead of from someone who actually knows it.

As far as the history between Dante and Ashida I can some it up for you. Ashida bought a book through the mail, period. He claims to have trained with Dante in person, yet other than a membership card (like millions of other mail-order customers have received) he cannot offer any proof. You would think he would have at least a photograph of them together.

As far as Bill. Yes, he could break Ashida in two very easily, and I'm sure would love the opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Ah! that explains it!

I've seen Bill do it before and you're right there is a huge difference than the way you described.

Also as a Master, Bill's way, at least to me. is much faster and more effective and powerful. Dante knew the person who hits decisively first almost always wins, so he put alot of speed into his teaching.

I've never seen Ashida Kim's performance before. But from your description it makes sense, and very opposite to Dante's ideas. Dante thought everybody should get hit just to know what it feels like :).

Kim's way sounds like a non-aggressive person afraid to get a hit.

And I can count the number of people who have told me that the relationship between the two is how you described.

I'm just curious how Mr Davis has stayed at it all these years.

Master C.C. Pieschala

john f creeden iii said...

ashida kim is a fake his kata all wrong and he,s not with the black dragon fighting society. i,m a personal friend with bill 3. see the poison hand he does is right out of a boo it,s not free flowing like the count and bii aguiar the father and my father teaches it he should be ashamed and his bullshit getting deep

bob wright said...

This clip doesn't show him doing the Charging T at all.
Yes, he is a much better salesman than Bill.