Sunday, March 18, 2007

Robert Rankin Interview in progress in Brighton

I just got off the phone with Oscar Sharp, presently in the abode of Robert Rankin to conduct the interview I need for the Search for Count Dante. They were just calling to make sure they had all the questions I needed answered; Nature of mythologies, fiction versus real-life how he interprets and perceives these things in his writing. I may do a film enactment of Dante from his books if I can get the proper permissions and I can make it fit and get the right funding.

I sent Robert a copy of The World's Deadliest Fighting Secrets on PDF. He made a very astute observation. On one page Dante breaks a pile of bricks, and on the next he is showing off a hairstyle he did for Barbara Kemp.

This is very traditional in the practice of Dim Mak. To do something very Yin to balance the Yang Chi of such tremendous power. Dante obviously had something. Remember, World Champion Joe Lewis said "he had hands like a woman."

I will get some still images tonite to post and an MP3 audio file of the interview to go over and the tapes or DVD will arrive later in the week.

While I would rather have been there I am happy I was able to solve the problem and get it all covered. Some days I feel like a real professional. (Stop it, i hear the snickering out there!)


Anonymous said...

Yin/Yang is a nice way of putting it.

I think Dante was thinking more with his yang. Especiallly with his quote of, "it's a nice way to meet chicks."

Then his involvement in porn.

But if people want to view him like that then it's their choice.

Master C.C.Pieschala

Anonymous said...

send me a copy!

bob wright said...

Any news of the model in the photo?
I think her name is Barbara Kemp, probably married with grandkids by now. Her memories of Dante would be interesting.

Anonymous said...

thats crista dante his wife

Anonymous said...

this is john creeden your right bob that is barbara kemp. john keehan met her in cali . they started seeing each in the middle sixties and. and when the original people don,t know who or when they broke up. but when they saw her they saw crista and the rest was history