Monday, March 05, 2007

More Footage from 1964 World Karate Tournament

Tom "Tommy Chicago" Palazzolo came through with another 100 feet of film from the 1964 World Karate Tournament. He has been digging through forty years worth of work in his basement to find these clips for me. I am very grateful. (opps I mispelled his name at 1:04 this morning on the film clip, gotta fix that!)

I worked with Tom once covering a Japanese midget wrestler for Japanese television. That was a while back. Filmmaker Allen Ross was with us then. This was right before he left Chicago to shoot a film about UFOs. Click his name for the link to see what happened.

There is footage of women competitors and a karateka squaring off against a quickdraw expert. I will be send the stills from the footage I have around to older martial artists to see if I can find some of these people. It is silent footage, almost abstract in look but I sure I can use it creatively. The archival footage will make this project really compelling if I can keep finding stufff like this and better. It will be great to find someof the people in the footage I have to get their memories.

It is a bit dark online but I will take a chance and let you figure out what it is you are seeing. A quick vision test of sorts. :-)

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