Monday, March 26, 2007

Robert Rankins Reads from the Anti Pope

This is an excerpt from Robert Rankin's interview in Brighton for the film. He reads from the Anti-Pope. It tells of a student who bought Count Dante's book and learned Dimac(Dim Mak). More clips later.


Jeff said...

Floyd, as someone who is relatively new to karate (three years now, testing to hopefully earn my black belt by the end of the month), I'm finding your blog to be pretty fascinating. I actually found it during a Google search while I was looking for some additional karate history.

Thanks. Consider your blog bookmarked on my computer!


Sick said...

Jeff, this about a retro martial arts figure that caused a stir in the 1960's and 70's martial arts scene. He created his art out of only the most brutal moves and techniques known to the arts. He looked at it from a survival aspect. Quick, dirty, eye gouging, throat striking, ear ripping sure death techniques.
Read on, my friend.

Jeff said...

I tested for and received my black belt on Saturday night.

I still enjoy your blog. When will your next post be?

Sick said...

Congrats, Jeff. What style is it in?

bob wright said...

Well done Jeff.