Friday, July 06, 2007

The Search for Count (CENSORED) Aguiars email to others(not me).

I offered to deal with William Aguiar directly over a year ago. I wrote his attorney over a year ago asking for a visual catalog of images they lay claim to and evidence of that ownership.
I have always been clear as my intention to pay for WHAT I USE in the film, that is a reasonable sum at industry rates and standards.

It appears they lay claim to everything that has anything to do with Dante. Logos, kata(movements), the film footage JohnCreeded III got paid for. Even the name Count Dante.

How cool would it be to have to make the film and call it |
The Search for Count (CENSORED)

William Aguiar never emails me. He emails others to make accusations against me because I want evidence of his power of attorney over Count Dante's Estate and images I have obtained from other people including some of Dante's closest associates personal photo albums.

Here is detail of Aguiar's emails to get my website shutdown. There is also the email he used to have my trailers removed from YouTube, as if that means anything to the making of the film excecpt to make it more interesting.

For the love on MONNN-EY! End of BDFS attention. Oh yes and JCIII, why should I waste my time trying to decipher text with no punctuation and bad spelling at when I have my own grammatical challenges right here????

Next Up: Joe Dodaro and the kung-fu uniforms. Have a nice day.


Verne Gilbert said...

Hi Floyd

One would think that Augiar would embrace this film as it can only enhance his position.

Don't back down from this guy.

Wonder if I have to pay him for waza my sensei,(who was a student of Keehan long before the Augiar bunch were involved), taught me. No way!!!!

Keep up the good work. We are looking forward to the film.

Verne Gilbert

Anonymous said...

If Bill Jr. were here today you would be getting a lot more cooperation and understanding. Bill III just doesn't have the education and understanding of business (or promotion) like his father did. He has never actually done any business deals or other management functions before, and I just don't think he understands the reality of it and how business works. On top of all this he has that Creedon guy whispering bad advice in his ear.

However, regardless of all these problems I think that you really do need to mention Fall River in your film, even if briefly because they are truly a part of the BDFS/Dante story. Please always remember that your fight here is with Aguiar III, not Aguiar Jr.


floyd webb said...

Verne, Thanks so much for writing. It is not my intention to fight with anyone. I just want to make the best film I can. People hear the word film and smell money. They live Hollywierd fantasies of getting rich quick.

I will include Fall River, but it will not be with people who want me to pay them thousands of dollars just to see what they have in their archives or pay them for interviews the way Aguiar III has required of me. Paying for interviews is unethical in a documentary. I prefer to live without the additional stress.

People in Fall River, like yourself are contacting me. When I come back to Fall River, I will let all of those people know.