Tuesday, July 24, 2007

thesearchforcountdante.com suspended??? we will see.

All I want to do is make the best film I can make. Complete a work of art based upon and around the life of one John Timothy Keehan, aka Count Juan Raphael Dante. Financing and production is hard enough, research is incredibility difficult for a story spanning this much time. But thern, there are the little annoying side issues to experience also.

This is how I have to start my mornings some days. I get email from associates of Bill Aguiar like this guy John Creeden III. And I quote:

From: lamokio@comcast.net
Date: Jul 24, 2007 6:54 AM
To: Floyd Webb


From: lamokio@comcast.net <lamokio@comcast.net>
Date: Jul 24, 2007 10:18 PM
To: Floyd Webb < floydwebb@gmail.com>
"floyd we do this with a push of the button . we have serious backing what do you have we have to play tag we'll play tag . but everytime we bring you down the stronger we get to taking your money. no threats just a little history lesson. hey we called you from franquers office afraid to talk. oh by the way gnat. were the one's brushing you off remember that. and get your dante story right wasn't mas tamara it was kuzyo mushashi that how far from keehan you really are dumb ass."

Now who said Masato Tamura taught John Keehan. Let's improve those reading comprehension skills folks. They story is bigger than the memories hoarded in a vaultroom in Fall River. This guy sends email like this every chance he gets. I love his unique good fellas writing style and am staggered by the intellect. I bet he is good with that "charging T" though.

So their intent to to take my money, tie me up in frivilous litigation and make it harder to do the film without them in it and in control of it. Not gonna happen.

Creeden is not part of the business entity"Black Dragon Fighting Society" that claims ownership over the life, legacy, name and legacy of Count Dante. He is, in feudal terms, a loyal vassal. Personally I would say toady. He keeps up the harassment, while Aguiar issues orders to his lawyer aimed at everyone and anyone who does not kiss their ring and pay them thousands of dollars. They love attention. Their sense of importance borders on the meglomanical. Borders??????? Nahhhhh, they crossed that line way way back.

I was buying some office supplies at Office Depot(endorsement endorsement alert) with my kid and he spotted a guy in this t-shirt shown here. They even stopped Giant Robot from doing another run of those great Giant Robot Fighting Society T-Shirts. Who better to have a Count Dante T-Shirt than giant fighting robots. Where is the sense of humor? Oh yeah, and did they get paid???? Only the grand master knows for sure.

Yesterday I received an email from a supporter telling me my site was down. I checked email further and I had received an email from my ISP telling they received a claim of copyright infringement from Bill Aguiar. Attached was the same 35 page pdf they gave been circulating complete with threats from "Joey Chicago" included. Now Joey Chicago is supposed to be one of my secret identities and I am also a ninja, to hear them tell it." What that has to do with the issue at hand, I do not know. This time they went to the people who host the servers for my ISP, their datacenter.

I was waiting for this. Now there is something to work with. The time for selling wolf tickets is over. The only end of this for everyone who will ever be interested in anything Dante is to get them to un-ass that power of attorney over John Keehan's Estate and Intellectual Property in a court of law. This will be a further proof of the already tested Fair Use Act.

I asked their attorney, John Francoeur, to send me a letter concerning my infringements by mail on his stationary by registered mail so I could, in turn, pass this on to a lawyer. He never did. This is the third time I have requested this of him in the past year.

I tried to talk directly to Bill Aguiar without a lawyer. He never replied. He has put a copy of my email appealing to him to leave the lawyers out of this on his website at http://countdante.com. He insisted on being paid for his interview and I was not going to do that.

It made no sense to require money from me for an interview. He did not know Count Dante, he was a child back then. He wanted to be paid for his interview and I was not doing that. These little efforts at "shutting me down" are juvenile attention attractors. Website or no, Youtube or not, the film is still being done.

Aquiar has also told people he expects to reap 50% of the films profits, just like Barbara Kemp, The Dragon Lady of Rush Street, wanted. What are they thinking? I have no idea. This is a question for attorneys to decide.

Anyways things are in motion for me. My YouTube trailers are going back up per my representation's efforts. New trailers will be coming. I have had some great stuff added to the blog this past month. Support is coming to the project in all forms from the strangest places.

So as I am fundraising, producing and strategizing, I have to get this legal thing driven to a head, put it all behind me and make the film I want to make, with whomever I want to have included in it. That is including the infamously and intensely hated Ashida Kim. He fights right into the film with a description like that. Hey, it's my film!

With all that great 8mm footage they have they can make their own film, end of problem.


Chris said...

I admire your grace Floyd.

Like I told you when we met, I was told that Aguillar's relationship wasn't a rosy as it gets painted to be. Maybe they are feeling a bit defensive. Maybe this could be unflattering to them *tongue in cheek*.

Like I said best wishes if you need anything holler.

Master C.C. Pieschala

Anonymous said...

Floyd, Here's wishing you and your efforts to create
this documentary all the best. I'm certain many other's share my sentiment.

Note to the members of BDFS:
Fellas...you should really lighten up, this project only
adds creditablity to your organization and Master Dante's legacy.