Saturday, July 14, 2007

Setting Records straight

Posted here is evidence of John Creeden III recieving $1000.00 by Western Union from Barron Sheppard for film footage for a project Barron wanted to do. You can read a PDF of Sheppard's letter to me regarding this transaction.

I owe it to Barron Sheppard to set the record straight regarding his dealings with John Creeden III. Creeden has accused him of bad business practices. I have links here to documents that explain and are evidence of the $1000.00 payment for film footage in a deal between them. Creeden and Aguiar are boasting that they will shut the film down because they feel their rights have been violated. In the attached PDF Barron Sheppard explains his side of the story in his own words and I feel he should be able to answers all of the accusations against him by John Creeden III. Creeden is using YouTube to engage in slanderous attacks against Sheppards character and this is why I am doing this online. I made the introduction so i feel responsible. I did not mean for him to suffer any embarrassment in trying to do business with this guy. Creeden has created a situation that I think that even William Aguiar III does not understand in that it carries implications for his ability to do any business around this archival footage in the future. Changing a deal once it is made is not acceptable or ethical in any sense.

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