Sunday, July 15, 2007

Preston Baker Event: Return of the Masters July 20-21

Rumble on the Lake - Return of the Masters (Chicago, IL) July 20 & 21st
Preston Baker will be presenting a Seminar and Tournament at Truman College this coming weekend, I will post more information when I get it. Bill "Superfoot" Wallace will be attending as well as Tayari Casel.

Preston was the second person I spoke to about Count Dante after speaking with Ken Knudson. He pointed me to Jimmy Jones. I last saw Preston at Gregory Jaco's memorial. On Friday, July 21 they will be presenting a seminar on the history of martial
arts in Chicago. I will be sure to be there to find other sources of information for the film as well as to interview Wallace and Casel.

Tayari Casel has achived an international reputation since he left Chicago. Now based in Maryland, he does seminars in places like Indonesia as well as being engaged in humanitarian efforts in the region.

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