Sunday, July 08, 2007

New Interviews coming up...

I am on the trail to more interviews. I spoke with Bill "Superfoot" Wallace today and he will be in Chicago soon to do a seminar with Preston Baker. I originally called Joe Lewis at the behest of writer Jason McNeil. Lewis and Wallace were both together when I called. They were headed into the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. I guess the life of a former champion is not that bad.

Wallace grew up in Indiana, so this will be a good addition to the information I am gathering about the Midwest.

I was looking back through old newspapers at the Chicago Historical Society to see what I could dig up about Bruce Tegner's mom and dad, both martial arts instructors. Found nothing yet. I am also trying to dig up info about Don Draeger from Milwaukee. Lots to do, and I do need help. I hope to have someone in a few days.

My film could easily become a sensationalist piece of crap due to who it is about, but I am operating on desire to discover what happened to him that he went so wrong, when he had achieved so much.

I am looking back as far as I can, to the introduction of martial arts to America after Perry; it's introduction to the university system; Asian immigration; and resettlement of Japanese Internees in the Midwest.

I will also be looking at how people migrated from boxing and wrestling to judo and karate. And I am curious about the development of formal and practical philosophies in urban America. This is a tall order. But I am aiming high. I want to stay on "a path with a heart." The story is wild enough, it needs a guidepost. Maybe I am wrong and I will have to toss all the "heavy stuff" out. We will see what ends up on the cutting room floor.

Things are starting to work out nicely. My timing might be just right to stay on schedule.


Jeff said...

Sensei Bill Wallace rules. You're lucky to have met him.

Chris said...

Hey Floyd,
What about the "director's cut" :)

You have too much good stuff not to shares. I for one would get alot of long standing questions answered by the stuff that didn't make it.

Master C.C. Pieschala