Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Court Date gets closer and I met Eugene Robinson

Feb 1 or 15, I am waiting on the word from my lawyers at Foley Hoag.

All is quiet for the most part. I interviewed Sensei Ben Nevarez last week and a few others for color and observation of the times. I am working a short film for something special. I will tell when it is complete. I am going over my interview with Sensei Nevarez and I will post a bit soon.

Last might I met a writer by the name of Eugene S. Robinson who has written a book called "Fight: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Ass-Kicking but Were Afraid You’d Get Your Ass Kicked for Asking" He did a reading at Quimby's Bookstore up on North Ave. I called my sources in San Francisco to check him out. Eugene is a Stanford educated Mixed Martial Artist who leads an experimental rock band, Oxbow and is an edtior of numerous publications.

He read from his book an account of meeting with a Boston Southie fighter with mob connections and involvement in murder the sounded like the characters that the Fall River boys would like to claim association with. Maybe I will post the video.

Eugene's book is an unusual instructional book on fighting that purportedely teaches "the little guy how to stand up for himself." Robinson is a semi-pro fighter who LOVES to FIGHT. He's a former bodybuilder and bouncer and he has placed well in submission-fighting bouts. His conversation is laced with life experiences that cross the lines from hanging out with fighters to counseling old college friend who now work for the Defense Department under Bush to sitting across the table from Priscilla Presley at weddings in Vegas.

He was doing a solo concert at the Empty Bottle and then headed to Cincinnati to participate in a challenge. Quite a character. The book has been banned in England. Too much info on how to hurt somebody with a knife, it seems. I want to sit down with him and talk about the nature of fighting, it's appeal to certain personalities as it relates to the book he has written and how it all fits into martial arts history in America, or something like that. I missed getting back to him after his gig at Empty Bottle last might because of parental stuff. But I got his info and we know some of the same people. So no problem.

Good things ahead this year. Best thing of all is that the truth will finally be clarified regarding the whole copyright infringement accusations. Everything else and anyone else creating any kind of confusion is just a distraction from that fact. This is all about to be over.


Sa Bum Nim Pieschala said...

I bought this!
It's a good blend of realism vs.tradition. I also like the fact that, he uses profanity and "shiznit talk" to illustrate his points in a realistic manner.

I won't lie and say it's the best book I've ever read, but I'd love to get a signed copy.

I think he gets much more to the truth of fighting in America than Dante ever did.

While the Count who was very good and worthy of (some) respect in his own right, relied heavily on anger, overkill and "dirty tricks". ("no rules in a street fight." are the words of the neophyte). Maiming somebody can put them on the jihad for revenge, not "mark them to remember not to F*** you"

This book teaches one thing others lack EXPERIENCE. Like what are you going to do if you wind up in jail? How do you learn the rules and fight in that environment?

I remember much of what this book says in my own student experience. (my instructor was in jail more than once and .. ).

There are some people who check this blog daily that are ALL TALK & MOUTH. Wannabes.

You can read their lack of experience in what they say (if you get through the bad grammar and horrid spelling). They are "victims of their own hype" much like Dante. I hope they don't learn that the hard way like John did.

So in summary, great book Mr.Robinson. I hope you sell many copies (and sign mine!).

Best wishes!

Sa Bum Nim Pieschala said...

To add to my earlier post .. John (Keehan) was terrified of the thought of jail. Just ask his lawyer Bob Cooley or buy his book "When Corruption Was King." He paints a clear picture of how scared "The Crown Prince of Death" was.