Monday, January 21, 2008

Killer Kung Fu: I know who these guys are now

I have discovered how this advertisement came about. Mark Lolly was a business associate of John Keehan. They were in business together and parted company. John did his world's deadliest man ad, Lolly employed the services of an African-American security guard from Kramer's Health Food Store. His name was Ron. I remember this huge guy from those days, but I don't know if he was a security guard. This information was passed along to me by Occult master Michael Bertiaux

I still have lunch at Kramers about twice a week. It has changed ownership and from being on the east side of Wabash next to an art store to the west side of the street next to Central Camera. The person who has been there longest has only been there 20 years.

The two adverts are very similar. I will have to speak with Mark Lolly, that is him on the ground with the "beard a la Dante."

It is funny how some people have tried to warn me against Bertiaux, like there is some major mystery and there is Satanic ritual all over him and I will be sucked into a spiral of evil. They make claims they cannot back up reagrding all kinds of things that seriously need backing up in order to claim them.

The man is obviously a differently thinking individual. He combined the principles of Voudoun with aspects of the teachings of Alistair Crowley. I find most people who talk about these things know very little about them. Only one person I have been in contact with has put anytime into examining this issue. I may never be able to reveal who he is but I am very grateful for his assistance.

Bertiaux told me that Dante was attracted to the Shamanistic aspects of Voudoun. Bertiaux studied in Haiti. How and why, we may talk about here in future. I know you are asking, how did I get to this? It all started with an email I did not believe. Then one day, I told myself to activate my powers and check it out. Within an hour I had a phone number for Bertiaux.

More information about this add and Dante's spiritual connections and practices will be forthcoming in days ahead.

Additionally, I have been talking to a former student of Dante's who is Native American and is a doctor. He is a Sundancer, lives on the reservation and keeps a couple of tigers and a few bears around. No I am not making this up. He is a very pleasant man, he came to me courtesy of Dr. Lawrence Day.

I was talking to Doug Dwyer today and he was telling me about John's appearances on To Tell the Truth and What's My Line. I will look into what archives remain for those. In 1963 he did an interview to promote the first World's Karate Tournament for WTTW at the Merchandise Mart. Doug also re-confirmed for me that John studied with Mas Tamura.

Another amazing story Doug told me is this; A friend of his uncles, photographer Bob Sandon, was never paid for the photos, and Douglas never was paid nor did he sign a release for the use of the photographs. Doug had no idea there was a second edition of the book, and wanted to know if there are any pictures of him in the book. Hmmmmmmmmmm...I wonder what this means.


el shaitan said...

very interesting. i've wondered about this ad for years. so now we know the identity of the mysterious "el shaitan." at least the el shaitan in the photos. so do you know who actually wrote the book "killer kung fu"? and have you ever seen it? i've looked for a copy but have had no luck tracking one down.

Kung Fu Pimp said...

This is somethin' that I've never seen before -- never even heard about. Very interesting. Numerous similarities between this and Dante's WDFS ads. Very interesting indeed.

el shaitan said...

you got the scan of the ad from dan kelly, right? i'm the guy who orginally scanned the ad and sent it to mr. kelly.
if you talk to this mark lolly person , ask him if he knows of any copies of "killer kung fu" floating around out there. i'd love to get my hands on a copy.

floyd webb said...

I am not sure if Mr Lolly is still alive. I will let you know if he is.