Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Falling Away from the River, Celebrating at Riverside

Someone is taking responsibility for an act he was never accused of. He is making threats to have my blog taken down for slandering him by accussing him of an act he was never accused of.

No, it makes no sense to me either. Either he cannot read well or he just believes all the crap he continues to fabricate.

This is old and tired. It has been a year since I went to Fall River against my better judgment and dealt with the remnants of the final chapter of John Keehan's life. Nothing but madness and confusion has followed since. It's all about money that does not exist, an archive that is now questionable to me, possibly the biggest hoax of a bluff ever attempted.

Meanwhile, I am still getting great information. What an editing job ahead of me. I want to stop, but I it keeos coming. More pictures, more 8mm film footage has been offered to me at no charge just to see what is on there. It was shot at a tournament here in the 1960s. Maybe I will get lucky and find that 16mm black and white film interview for a local station that is supposed to be around. A Kinoscope maybe??? Research, research, research.

More important that any of the above is this:
St. Clair Bourne's Memorial Celebration is being held this Friday, January 25 at Riverside Church in New York. Filmmakers, activists, and friends from all over the country will be arriving for his memorial. Melvin Van Peebles, Spike Lee, Amiri Baraka, Julie Dash, Yvonne Welbon and Wesley Snipes are expected to be attending.

My late friend and mentor, St. Clair, would be rolling as I recounted these adventures with this film. He could not believe the things I was telling him about this project but knew it had to be true because no one could make up stuff this ridiculous.

When I went to Fall River last January St. Clair told me to make sure to use his address to send the dead fish in a film can. "Floyd Webb is sleeping with the fishes."

Most people don't understand what lead me to this project. Most people know very little about my childhood.

We all miss Saint terribly.

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