Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Developments Abound.

The "Old School" Black Dragons are reuniting. There is a lot of irony in this. Doug Dwyer, Rev. Woodrow Edgell and Joe Dodoro have joined the International Black Dragon Fighting Society(IBDFS). Original Black Dragon member Dr. Samuel Joseph Lonewolf, a student of Dante under Trias, has joined the IBDFS also.

Edgell, Dodaro and Lonewolf studied poison hand with John Keehan's teacher, James Lee (not James Yimm Lee of San Francisco, that connection is still being verified). Dodaro and Edgell are working on a series of DVDs that capture the Dance of Death and Poison Hand as taught by James Lee. The DVDs should be available soon.

Joe Dodaro is no joke. We are talking a well seasoned and accomplished martial artist here who is still training and teaching today. He is of my generation, sort of, the tail of the dragon and just as deadly. His teachers have been Rev. Woodrow Edgell, Grandmaster Zhang Hong-Chao, Grandmaster Hsu, Fun Yuen, Aikido master Shihan Fumio Toyoda.

Joe is getting ready to relocate to Las Vegas with his Internal Defense Systems. Here is some of his video Instruction work below.

Past to present. I am there. Time to get my final interviews and archival materials, the music is contracted, and then time to start the final editing. Whew. This is geting easier than I thiught it was going to be. That Lawrence Day and Michael Felkoff have really been helpful.

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