Friday, February 15, 2008

In Boston, Court at 2:00 pm

I arrived in Boston on Thursday. I was planning on arriving in the evening but my lawyers wanted me there for a pretrial run-through and a meeting with the Barron Sheppard and Ashida Kim's layers. I landed at 10:30 and made a beeline directly for Foley Hoags Offices on Seaport Blvd.

So here I am, back at Foley Hoag's office where we have a conference room reserved. They have prepared well as you can see from the graph above. No matter what happens, I win on the fair use as I understand it. There will be 7 lawyers opposing Aguiar today including Barron Sheppard, and Ashida Kim's. This will be quite an adventure today.

Court begins at 2:00 pm. I will fill you in on details of later. I may even post a video clip or two from the pre-trial run-through we did yesterday.


Kung Fu Pimp said...

Wow. Looks pretty intense.

Sa Bum Nim Pieschala said...

You already know what I think in general. You also know I read your blog. So let's set that aside for a minute.

Recently, you posted this;

Saturday, February 16, 2008
Here's what really happened

I have a good friend in Kaifeng,China were Black market movies are sold world wide . I've been sending Mr Shong money to buy case after case of dvd's to burn Floyd's movie. I'll make a bigger killing than Floyd in the black market. When you want something pirated go no were else China is the place. So good luck all.

I hope this is just more smack talk. Like you being in Korea. This is the first time you've indicated you'd do something illegal to hurt Floyd.

Believe it or not, I'm trying to do you a favor here. From my point of view; Others may think that was "a dirty trick" and respond by putting Billy's legitimately copyrighted & trademarked items up on bit torrent or something.

When you post on your blog you're speaking to a large audience. If you adopt a "scorched Earth" policy not only could it back fire but you could get in trouble at the same time.

Don't take this as a personal attack like we've done to one another in the past or threat. This is just my opinion; I think it would be best if you "left the gloves on" and let the lawyers do their job. Thanks for the court update. I am eager to hear Floyd's take.

Dojo Rat said...

Go Floyd Go!
When it gets resolved, I will update the readers at Dojo Rat.
Honestly, you need to provide a flow chart or something to sort out the various parties involved, it gets confusing...
John At Dojo Rat

Sa Bum Nim Pieschala said...

And this is why character counts Creeden.You have proven yourself to be an individual without character and a liar.

I told you this would happen and now you'll even sell you Billy whom you have been defending.
Floyd and Billy thats it I'm out Floyd's fucking me over with Barron and now Billy fucking me over with court. Ya I love it. Now what secret do you want to now.
Let's be clear so there are no more questions. I have a technical win in that the judge has determined that I have the right to fair use of the materials I have.

Ok Judas spin a yarn,
But you are a liar. I wouldn't give you a wooden nickel, let alone "30 pieces of silver" for your made up stories and bogus interpretations of John Cole's service pictures. Leave Mr. Cole out of it and don't link him to a scumbag like yourself.
You sank your own boat, but this is still "defeat" you're feeling. I told you "humiliation" is coming.

You lost deal with it.
Finally, you all you ever is you "know it all because daddy told you." You know two things Jack and Squat, Jack just left town Princess. This is a Chicago Story not a Fall River one.

You say,
"For once Floyd is telling the truth . See I couldn't be their for family reasons, and family goes ahead of you all. As far as the footage it's my fathers the so called footage from Barron it's the real footage. Why does my father have the only other copy in exzistance. My father knows the truth , he was just as close to Keehan as Billy's father, he still calls him John."

Fall River is a foot note in John's life and it comes in at the saddest point. With all your mouth and bravado on the inside you can't be that stupid. (well, OK you probably are.)

Aguilar wasn't even around that much. Students of the time will will tell you that, after they ask "Who?".

Oh and next time you ask to see a masters belt or credentials, you should do it to his (my) face. I told you I'm in Chicago and feel free to look me up. Oh no! Make my phone ring. Do something B***, show me your are more than a lying punk with a mouth. I think you lack the hair, so go put your dress back on an play with your Barbie and let the men handle this princess.

On a side note, Dojo Rat, What do you think of this kid? His blog is at

It's so much like a comic book all it needs is a Count Dante ad. By the way you should take down that Dante picture off of your site. His daddy may have taken it an he'll sue you! Because quote, "People who matter know who I am and what I'm capable of." (Yeah I'm gonna drag you into it, your life has been too dull since your site went down :) )

What a joke! Here's the liar in action.

Har Har Har Dee Har Har!

(Gee I insulted him again, $10 says he responds)

Sa Bum Nim Pieschala said...

Wow, that would have been an easy $10!
I told you I was smarter than you.

OK Judas I'll play along.
Only because if I do the more people will read this blog and the more DVD's Floyd will sell. Floyd doesn't need to advertise as long as you keep talking. You will, that is as certain as death and taxes.

Let me guess, you went to dojo rat's blog and read some of my posts there. And by doing so I get to mention Now my buddy will get more people checking out his blog. You should go there yourself, you might learn something.

I don't prove myself to lying wannabes like yourself; because I don't associate with pukes like you & it makes me look bad. I'm only doing it now so Floyd gets the advertisement right before his movie comes out.

Damn you (is) dumb!

Besides, short of a butt kicking, you'd always want more proof anyway. Why don't you just ask dojo rat what he thinks? Ask him if he's ever heard of "Uncle Bob's Korean Black Belt Database" you mention that I'm not in (kinda like you not being in Korea?)

Keep posting Judas. Floyd will make so much cash he can finally retire. But still won't get your 30 pieces of silver.

Now that I think about it, I think I'll go back to calling you mini-me. Judas had the class to admit he was wrong and hung himself. You don't even have that.

Sa Bum Nim Pieschala said...

Prove it I called Kadina and they don't teach TAE KWON DO ON THE ROCK BUDDY, NOR IN JAPAN.

Really what number did you dial? Who did you talk to? Gawd you're funny!

This is not about me. You're the one with the character issues that wants money. I'm helping Floyd because I like the guy and I don't want a dime from his work. I just want him to be able to make the best movie possible with out a retard like you getting in the way.

Oh stupid it's spelled KADENA.

OK, I'll give you a bit since I cant post images here. This is solely for the readers though, not you you're not worth it.

The military, I was assigned to the 18 MAINTENCE SQ (PACAF), KADENA AB JAPAN, APO AP 96368. I had a secret ENTNAC clearance because I was a flight line mechanic. MY AFSC was 45450A and the date of my orders 04 MAY 1993.

I had a Black Belt long before I got there. I think I was a 2nd then .. it's been a while. I tried Goju-Ryu and Shorin-Ryu while I was there but already being a TKD Black Belt so it was a pain to learn.

I then switched to Diato-ryu at Camp Foster with the Jarheads sometimes we had class at Torii Station.

As to my exact squadrons I was first in the 909th AFRES which later became the 909th ARS (like you wiki`d). Later moved to the 18th MXS squadron and worked in support. I liked the air conditioning, nice break from working on the line.

As to how how Korea fits in .. well you'll just have to wonder about the current events of the time.

Reading from AF FORM 2587, SEP 81 I had access of "CLASSIFIED INFORMATION". Mostly it was because I was involved in real world operations. You see, the 909th is the only tanker unit in the Pacific rim. We went everywhere.

Finally and I'm going to type right off my paper work. Line item #4 "I shall report to the Federal Bureau of Investigations, to a security office of the Department of Defense, or to a security office of a U.S. Embassy or Consulate, without delay, any attempt by an unauthorized person to solicit or obtain classified information."

All that means is I keep my mouth shut for life and report those who get too nosy. All GIs upon out processing sign "Security Termination Statements" as a part of normal out processing. (But you knew that) Still want more proof there?

Anyway I separated out to the 375 MSS (AMC) Scott AFB IL 62225 and returned to Chicago.

And it's the Kuk Ki Won you moron! Not "Who Flung Poo's Black belt database." Or did you conference them in when you had Kadena AB on line #2?

Like I said, I'm posting this for the benefit of the readers. Not for a lying traitor devoid of honor and character like you mini-me.

Floyd you owe me big time for talking to this guy! :)

Sa Bum Nim Pieschala said...

From Creeden's blog,
You have no idea what really went on . Floyd's transcript will tell all I'm out of this now .

Neither do you. It's a Chicago story not a Fall River one. Just help, be a stand up guy, help with the truth! Show you're better than you've displayed. It's there somewhere if you look. I'd respect that and you if you did. I'm sure many readers would also. There's hope for you Creeden, now is your choice.

What I ment about the blog toward's Floyd made it apparent that I'm doing alot of damage and Floyd's more worried about me than the case.

No he is isn't. He and & I talk frequently. You tried to have it both ways and lost. Right now you have an opportunity to do what you know is right. Follow your heart not your ego.

I admire your loyalty, show it's more than towards yourself and you'll earn respect.

Sa Bum Nim Pieschala said...

If this was aimed at me Creeden. I'll set all BS aside. You posted "Sum What do you think I should do."

I guess that is me you've been calling me Sum Bumm for a while now :).

If you you want my opinion and to discuss this as gentlemen we can. Just tell me how I can contact you or vice-versa. I think this should be dealt with out of the public eye.

I if you're really serious and not screwing around. I'll help mediate. This is my olive branch, I'm only offering it once. But I'm willing to set things aside and be objective.

I'm beginning to see your point(s), especially in regards to Billy. Just don't make a fool of me for trusting you and trying to help.

Sa Bum Nim Pieschala said...


So I'll take that as a no.
Dude you crack me up!

Sa Bum Nim Pieschala said...

I just had along talk with my father. I accept this olive branch. But is Floyd willing thats the question?
I now who you are and you are a very respected martiat artist. I'm willing is he!!!! thats last comment was made to dsimon he giving Kenny Patricio

Of course I can't speak for Floyd.

But look at it this way, you know things & I know things. Let's figure out where we can meet in the middle. If for no other reason than both of us have questions we'd like to get answered. We both want to see this film made.

Overall, I've found Floyd to be reasonable. He helped me quite a bit in terms of clarifying some of my own memories.

I think the first step is if you can help me understand the problem from the beginning. With all the names sometimes I lose track of who is who and how people fit in. Except Bill.

You see, I see things from Chicago not from Fall River. Just give me an email address and I'll contact you and I'll keep what is discussed between us.

If I can help settle this it's good for you, me and Floyd. If you refuse, I can understand that too.